We need help – Leicester Police

We are appealing for witnesses following a collision in Leicester earlier this week. The collision happened at around 4.45 pm on
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Nub News is keen to help all the businesses in our patch recover from the pandemic

Nub News is keen to help all the businesses in our patch recover from the pandemic-related lockdown and prosper. We want
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Neighbourhood Watch July Our News Enewsletter Is Here

Dear Neighbourhood Watch supporter, Our July 'Our News' newsletter is here Click here to read it The time has come once again to
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What Three Words Navigation App to find anyone anywhere in the world and for faster emergency response

Here;s the link for the App https://what3words.com/news/emergency/three-words-for-a-faster-emergency-response/?fbclid=IwAR0-GpBET_mpKC-Fm-3OI4nppOj5eIkH8RhlB1WhSFbBdITWUEjRqdHso7Y   You tube https://what3words.com/news/emergency/three-words-for-a-faster-emergency-response/?fbclid=IwAR0-GpBET_mpKC-Fm-3OI4nppOj5eIkH8RhlB1WhSFbBdITWUEjRqdHso7Y   Three words for a faster emergency response 13/11/2019 To find you more easily in an emergency,
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A very warm welcome from the Board of Rutland NHW.  You have arrived at our new website which we hope you will find of interest.



Rutland Neighbourhood Watch provides the latest news and crime information for Rutland, the smallest county in England.

Rutland Neighbourhood Watch has been in existence for many years using traditionally tried and tested methods of crime prevention for towns and villages in Rutland.   If you are interested in becoming involved, either for your area or for the Board, you can contact us at rutlandnhw@gmail.com

There are many ways in which you can become involved including but not limited to, the administration of our website and/or out smartphone App.  The latter is the latest initiative from Rutland Neighbourhood Watch and is unique as the first community App of it’s kind in the UK, or indeed elsewhere.  If you wish to download it go to the appropriate page and you will find links for a ‘quick’ download.

This Donation button link above will take you to the Paypal site which allows you to use a Paypal Account or a credit/debit card; for other ways to donate please follow this link OTHER WAYS TO DONATE


Please Report All crimes to Police

Whether you will or will not make a claim for Insurance.  This helps to ensure:

(a) pattern of offences can be plotted, and

(b) volume of offences contributes to Police Planning when deciding officer deployments.