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Community Safety Report for 5 days ending 4.5.21

Crime is the responsibility of the whole community.  Rutland has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.  If you have any information relating to a crime or suspicious behaviour please dial 101 and pass it to your Beat Officer.

Oakham Beat.

Theft of two cycles – overnight 1/2.5.21,  from the rear garden of a house in Derwent Drive.  One of the cycles was padlocked.  The only descriptions are one is white and black and the other yellow and black.

Criminal damage to vehicle in car park of Catmose Farm (Farm Park open to visitors) Uppingham Road, between 10.30am-11.30am 2.5.21.  Scratches to paintwork (keyed?) on drivers door of Tesla Mod 3.  Value estimated £200.

Theft of keys from two Landini tractors (one blue and one orange) and a Cabenia (golf type buggy) during the afternoon of 2.5.21 from Catmose Farm Park (see criminal damage above).

North Beat.

CottesmoreTheft of radio from cab of JCB digger working in Old Hall Mews, about 1.45pm 2.5.21.  Radio found unusable nearby.

Whitwell – Theft from Rutlands Water Resource Centre Bull Brigg Lane, overnight 2/3.5.21 (Sun/Mon.)  Stolen 23 kayaks (3x2man, 10×4 man, and 10×1 man).  Serial numbers are known.  Value estimated £8,000 (trade).  Transport would be a problem, so if you saw a large vehicle (enclosed/covered?) driving in the vicinity of Rutland Water or the A606 Whitwell please tel (101) and pass information to PC 1742 Appleton quoting ref CR21*242027.

Empingham Beat

Empingham – Criminal damage, Whitwell Road, about 4.15pm 2.5.21, object thrown through front nearside window of parked Skoda Taxi.  Could anyone in the area please check any CCTV or dashcam.  Any information please tel (101) to PC Appleton quoting Cr 21*241086.

Empingham – Burglary residential, Church Street, just before 5pm 2.5.21.  Suspect tries doors and windows and enters outhouse.  Disturbed by occupier, nothing stolen.  Anyone living in the vicinity please check CCTV or dashcam for anyone loitering or behaving suspiciously, tel info (101) to Home Beat Officer quoting ref 21*241453.


Report by PS Kear.

‘Current problems include the diversion on the Oakham Road near Manton. Work on the bridge is not expected to be completed before 5.7.21. Please consider residents in the local villages, re-directed traffic is still causing them serious problems.
A second traffic issue raised by villages is the use of HGV in villages causing noise and vibration problems. We will enforce weight violations where appropriate. The third area of concern is hare coursing which is not only cruel to the animals but causes considerable damage to fields, hedges and fences where the offenders force their way into fields.

Ruthven Horne

Catalytic Converter Crime

Unfortunately, Melton and Rutland has seen an increase in Catalytic Converter thefts and attempt thefts over the last week. Please help us to try and keep this type of vehicle crime to a minimum, by remaining vigilant, reporting anything suspicious and by reading the following crime prevention advice below.

Please take steps to secure your vehicle’s catalytic converter:

The precious metal in catalytic converters has led to the increase in their theft. To keep your catalytic converter and vehicle safe, ask your car dealer if they can give you any advice on locks or guards that are approved by the vehicle manufacturer.

Thieves target vehicles for the scrap value of the metals within the catalytic converters and it often only takes then a matter of seconds to remove the exhaust.  Offences are taking place both over night and in the daytime in quite visible locations such as public car parks.  Criminals will often park next to a victim’s car wearing high visibility tops to make it look as if they are changing a flat tyre.  If challenged, they will often claim to have been accidentally working on the wrong vehicle by mistake.Alternatively, try to make sure your vehicle is parked in a garage overnight, or if you have a commercial vehicle park it in a secure compound.

If this isn’t possible, park in an area that’s well-lit and overlooked and try to park so that the convertor can’t be easily reached by potential thieves.

Vehicles that sit high above the road are particularly vulnerable.
All vehicles are vulnerable, but criminals do seem to be targeting low emission Japanese cars in particular.

You should also register your converter and mark it with a forensic marker, which will make it harder for thieves to dispose of.

More official information on how to protect your vehicle can be found via the link below:

Thank you for reading, please stay safe and take care.

Please make sure that you park your vehicle in a visible area with adequate lighting.  If available, then park near CCTV and speak to your local dealer about installing security devices to the vehicle.  Please also keep an eye on neighbours’ cars and, if you see anything suspicious either at home or in a public area, then contact the police immediately.


Community Safety Report for 3 days ending 29.4.21.

Crime is the responsibility of the whole community.  Rutland has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.  If you have any information relating to crime or suspicious behaviour, please dial 101 and pass it to your local Beat Officer.

Oakham Beat.

Oakham – Welland Way, between 9pm 25.4 and 8.30am 26.4.21, unknown person(s) pushed coping stones off wall.  Elderly occupier.

If anyone has any information of those responsible, please tel 101 and pass it to PC 1312 Lloyd, local Beat Officer quoting Crime ref 21*228316.

Barleythorpe – Stud Road, approx. 10.35am 28.4.21.  Barking dog drew attention to open front door and man running away towards a white Mercedes van.  Nothing damaged, nothing appears stolen.

North Beat

Little Casterton – theft of two different number plates from vehicle and trailer on Road End Farm, Old Great North Road.  Stolen between 5pm 23.4. and 9am 26.4.21.  Stolen reg plate BD54 YHG and BL56 AUU.

Greetham – Sheep worrying in field off Church Lane, during afternoon 27.4.21 (Tues).  The sheep died, no description of dog involved.  If you saw this incident please dial 101 and pass information to PC Appleton local Beat Officer quoting crime ref 21*234960.

Market Overton – approximately 1.20pm 29.4.21 (Thurs) theft of cast iron bench from garden in Main Street.  Suspect made off in large white van.

South Beat

Lyddington – Vehicle crime, theft of 4 doors from a 57 plate Land Rover Defender during the night 27.4.21, at Welland Vale Garden Centre, Gretton Road.  Estimate value £600.  Entry gained through field by cutting locks off gate.  See Crime Prevention below.

Uppingham Beat.

Please note the new Beat Officer for Uppingham is PC1560 Anna Ingram.

Ayston Road – Attempted burglary residential, between lunch 24.4. and 10.30am 25.4.21.  Attempted entry via kitchen window, house in Ayston Road, off A47 roundabout, path at rear leads towards The Beeches estate.  If you saw anyone loitering in this area between the above times please pass information by tel 101 to PC 1560 Anna Ingram, the Uppingham Beat Officer.

Crime Prevention- Land Rovers

Owners of both old and new Land Rovers should be taking extra precautions to protect them from being targeted by thieves. Building layers of security will act as a deterrent, think about where you park and always lock your vehicle, even if only popping into the shops.  If you have a Land Rover you may wish to check the following specialist site and the Leicestershire Police Crime Prevention site.

How To Protect Your Land Rover Defender Against Theft | 4Mud

Prevent theft from a vehicle | Crime Prevention | Leicestershire Police (


Rutland County Council Conversation.

Normally we only publicise Community Safety information.  We have been asked by the local police to draw your attention to a consultation initiative run by Rutland County Council (see link below).  It is your choice if you engage in this but I would simply say that Crime and Safety issues can be recorded within your priorities e.g. Speeding, Police visibility, Crime Prevention, etc.

Ruthven Horne

Community Safety Information for 4 days ending 23.4.21

Crime is the responsibility of the whole community. Rutland has one of the lowest crime rates in the country. If you have any information relating to crime or suspicious behaviour, please dial 101 and pass it to your local Beat Officer.

North Beat

Egleton, Theft of a cycle about 5.45pm 18.4.21 from outside the public toilets at the Bird Watching Centre, Hambleton Road. Stolen a mountain/cross country bike. No further description at present.

Please carry a form of security that you can quickly use when you have to leave your cycle even for just a few minutes. Given the price of a cycle now it is sensible to invest in a good security device. Please take a photograph of your machine, and the serial number you can give to the Police if it is stolen.

Tinwell — burglary business, about 10.30am 21.4.21 , from outside a barn in Steadfold Lane. Padlock to farmyard cut with bolt croppers and a trailer and 2 pony traps stolen (no ponies taken). No further description.

South Beat

Edith Weston – theft of cement mixer between 12 midnight and 4am 23.4.21 from trailer attached to vehicle parked in King Edward’s Way. Stolen One Belle Cement mixer (model not known) with words written on top “1 lime 2 x builder sand’. Value approx. E450.

Appeal to identify man following burglary in Leicester.

Appeal to identify man following burglary in Leicester I Leicestershire Police (

Crime Prevention.

Whatever type of property you have that has value to you, if you would like it returned when stolen, you must be able to inform the Police of the serial number. If it hasn’t got one please mark it in some way you can recognise and photograph it. Frequently Police arrest persons for theft/burglary /handling stolen property and have to let the ‘thief’ go because they cannot identify the owner of the property they believe has been stolen.

How would you mark the items stolen in this report. Building and equestrian equipment are regularly stolen. Please help the Police to help you.

Ruthven Horne.