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Crime News – Arrests for regional theft of lead

‘Excellent work by a special squad of Lincs Police officers who arrested 4 West Midlands men, who were sentenced to a total of 22 years at Lincoln Crown Court, after admitting stealing lead from 36 churches, largely Grade I and II listed buildings across the East Midlands.  The thefts over about 2 years, occurred largely in Lincs, Leicestershire and Rutland, Northants, and Cambridgeshire.  The value of the thefts exceeded £2m (largely uncovered by insurance), but the grief caused to small communities, who are still attempting to repair the damage to their heritage is difficult to quantify

Constantin Motescu, Paul Buica, Mihai Birtu and Laurentiu Sucea have been jailed for a total of 22 years for carrying out a series of lead thefts from historic churches

Shown above 4 men Constantin Motescu, Paul Buica, Mihai Birtu and Laurentiu Sucea who have been jailed for a total of 22 years for carrying out a series of lead thefts from historic churches.Lead on a church roof which was targeted by a gang of thieves across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

Picture above shows result of theft of Lead on a church roof which was targeted by a gang of thieves across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

The offences resulted in Lincolnshire Police setting up a specialist unit to track down the offenders.

Constantin Motescu, 32, of Stebbings, Sutton Hill, Telford, admitted 23 charges of theft.

Paul Buica, 25, of George Street, Birmingham, admitted 16 thefts.

Mihai Birtu, 24, of Port Street, Evesham, admitted 14 thefts, while Laurentiu Sucea, 38, of George Street, Birmingham, admitted 13 thefts.

Motescu and Sucea were each jailed for six and a half years.

Paul Buica was jailed for six years, while Mihai Birtu was jailed for three years and seven months.

Detective Chief Inspector Jon Shield, leading the investigation, said: “Working in partnership with other forces and agencies including the Diocese of Lincoln and Historic England, our dedicated Op History team have worked tirelessly to ensure justice is served.

“Some of the church congregations are still struggling to find the funds to repair the damage and restore their significant historical buildings which means so much to them as well as the local communities they serve.“The vast majority of these churches will have had insurance in place, but the insurance only covers a small part of the costs so congregations have been left to foot the remainder of the bill.”Individual churches were left to foot the repair bills themselves, as many could only obtain insurance cover for damage up to £7,500.

Mark Harrison, Head of Heritage Crime Strategy for Historic England said:

“The metal stolen will have historic and cultural value and its removal leads to irreparable damage to protected heritage buildings, which is why tackling this problem is so important.”

The Chief Executive of Historic England, Duncan Wilson, also spoke out on the case, believing it highlights how stealing metal from church roofs is a serious crime

He said: “The outcome of this case highlights the benefits of collaborative working between the Police, Crown Prosecution Service, church communities and Historic England and is an approach we shall continue to use when dealing with metal theft. The theft of metal from historic church buildings is a serious and organised crime Removing large areas of lead or copper from roofs has not just a serious financial effect on church communities but a huge effect on their morale.”



Crime News – Graffiti in Uppingham

One man arrested and charged with committing graffiti and theft from motor vehicle by local police.

‘This is very good news, graffiti not only defaces walls, houses etc but attracts imitators and quickly has an effect on the tone of the whole area.

Rutland South Crime report for December 2020

3rd – Stoke dry – issues with walkers trespassing on the SSI land  of the reservoir damaging gates and hedge rows to get in.
4th – Braunston Burglary Dwelling  – At 16:45 persons force entry via patio door where alarm activates and they exit without taking anything.
8th  – 4 x illegal immigrants caught exiting rear of lorry.
9th – Stoke Dry – person dealt with for possession of cannabis.
11th -14th  – Empingham church roof alarm sensor damaged
28th – Stoke Dry reservoir – number of males searched and one dealt with for possession of cannabis.

As part of our ongoing drive to reduce demand did you know that you can report a “NONE EMERGENCY” crime and find lots of useful information on our new improved web site.<>

Current local priorities:
We have had one house burglary (nothing taken as alarm activated) and other than that it has been a fairly quiet month around crime on the South Beat.

The joint Rutland North and Rutland South priority will remain as Rural Crime in relation to Burglaries, car crime and theft from farms. We like to remind you the usual MO is entry via forcing rear garden doors or windows as these areas are isolated and out of sight. Please make sure all doors are locked whether you’re in or not, windows are locked and secure and look at your security measures on any lockups, garages, sheds or outbuilding. If you can make it difficult for anyone to get into the rear garden even better as this is the preferred point of entry for burglars. Preferred items for them to steal is Jewellery and cash so please keep these safe.

As for vehicle crime, please continue to remove all property – remember ‘if you leave it on show it will go’. Look to park your vehicle in a well-lit area, look to manoeuvre your van to make it difficult to open any side or rear doors. Please remember when you park up the perpetrators could be watching you, so remove your valuables out of site prior to arrival.
We continue to run a vehicle enforcement campaign throughout Rutland for speed and anti-social driving/riding and have been out in villages and towns with the speed laser gun and have reported a number of drivers.

Our current operations are op vitality for rural crime with extra officers on patrol and Op Vulpine for proactive covid-19 breaches and crime.
We will continue to work closely with the local residents and will alert you as soon as crime is reported and ask that if anything suspicious is seen to report through either 999 or 101.
Parish Meeting: If any parishes would like the beat team to join in any virtual monthly meeting you are holding please let me know.
Our next beat surgery.  As soon as lockdown is finished we will update you.

Neighbourhood Link

We are promoting neighbourhood Link and would like you or anyone you know to sign up for it.

Neighbourhood Link is a free email messaging service from Leicestershire Police, Neighbourhood Watch and other partner organisations, providing news and updates on policing matters that are relevant to you.

Sign up and receive email alerts about policing activity and initiatives in your local area as well as crime prevention advice and information. You will also have the opportunity to reply directly to your neighbourhood team and provide feedback via surveys, where the information you provide is used to set our priorities for the forthcoming month.

If you see a crime taking place or something suspicious please call 999 noting as much detail as possible including time, location, descriptions, direction of travel from the scene, make and model of any vehicles and if possible any registrations. For any non-emergency incidents or to pass any intelligence call 101 (call costs 15p for entire call) or you can email your local Police officer Pc 2113 Pete Icke on<>

Please also visit the force website<> for more information on what’s going on in your area, what our present problem solving plans are and when we are holding our next beat surgery. From this site you can also fill in a consultation form for any issues you would like to share or leave a message for your local neighbourhood policing team.

PC 2113 Pete Icke | Eastern Counties – DNO NR37 Beat
Rutland South Beat Officer<>

Local Crime Alert Uppingham

A raft of graffiti tags have appeared around Uppingham.

In a tweet by Rutland Police today (December 31), officers urged people to report any incidents of graffiti in Uppingham to help them ‘investigate and prevent further incidents’.

People can report sightings of graffiti online by visiting the Leicestershire Police website.


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