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Community Safety Report for 4 days ending 21.6.21.

Oakham Beat.

Oakham Showground and surrounding area 19.6.21.– Disturbances, anti-social behaviour, driving offences, and criminal offences are being investigated by Police after a meeting at the Oakham Showground by some persons attending an event booked as a ‘Christian Gathering’.  It became apparent this was something rather more unexpected, when many scores of caravans and hundreds more people attended.  Extra Police and patrols were called in to the area and a number of offences are being investigated.

Attached are statements from the leader of Rutland County Council and a senior police officer relating to this incident.

The Police request that anyone with any information is asked to report online at  quoting reference log 186 of 19 June 2021 or to call 101.”

Statement from Councillor Oliver Hemsley regarding event at Rutland Showground

Date Published: 21 June 2021

It has been a challenging weekend for many of the county’s residents and businesses, and I would like to thank all residents for your support and patience.

Rutland County Council was not made aware of this event as no event application was submitted in advance.

Our standard event procedures require for event organisers to submit an event application and risk statements, which enable partners to review to ensure all aspects of an event – from health and safety, including compliance with Covid-19 regulations through to traffic management – are compliant. Unfortunately, without prior notification, the Council and its partners were unable to do this.

We have been working closely with partners, especially the Police, to manage and respond to the immediate issues arising from this event, including putting in place increased patrols across our community.

Officers will be undertaking traffic management at key times, including school drop off and pick up, and will also be located at areas that are attracting increased numbers.

Plans are underway to ensure minimal disruption to the community at key points in the event, for example the event closing.

There is ongoing communication with the event organiser. We have reviewed their event procedures and documentation and will be making relevant recommendations to improve the running of this event to protect attendees and the wider community.

Additionally, we are looking to increase the numbers and presence of our Covid-19 Marshalls in our towns, offering PPE to the event organisers to distribute amongst participants and providing PPE to key shops.

I truly understand the concern that the events of this weekend have brought to the county and want to assure you that the Council and its partners are doing all we can to protect you.

Update on Light and Life Event In Rutland 

Dear Resident,

Please see below an update regarding the Light and Life event in Rutland.

Superintendent Jonny Starbuck said: “Our presence continues in Oakham and at the Light and Life event at Rutland Show Ground. We have additional resources from the wider force to assist in dealing with issues that have been reported including an increase in anti-social behaviour, some criminal offences and driving offences.

“This is an outdoor event which is legal.  We have been working with the event organisers and partners to ensure that Covid rules are followed.

“Local officers continue to patrol on the ground and to engage with local business owners and licensed premises.

“We are investigating a number of offences including attempted robbery and anti-social behaviour. Two arrests have been made so far.

“Residents in the area continue to report anti-social behaviour which we are responding to. We are working closely with our partners, with the organiser and with participants at the event to ensure that people can go about their usual business with the least disruption. Where offences are committed, we will deal with them effectively and robustly.

“Our enhanced visible presence throughout the day, both around the site and in the town itself, is there to enhance reassurance to our local communities whilst also supporting a swift response where needed.

“Anyone with any information is asked to report online at quoting reference log 186 of 19 June 2021 or to call 101.”

Best wishes,
Leicestershire Police

North Beat.

Ryhall, Vehicle crime between 11.30pm 17.6.21 and 12.30am 18.6.21.  Theft of Land Rover Station wagon, 4×4, index AJ13 HV*stolen from driveway.  If you have any information or sightings of this vehicle please contact Police 101 quoting crime reference 21*341071.


Uppingham Beat.

Theft of two lead planters outside LOROS shop High Street East, about 9-9.15am 21.6.21.  Two males seen to load planters onto a flatbed lorry.  If anyone has any information about the persons responsible please contact police 101 quoting crime reference 21*344375.

Crime is the responsibility of the whole community.  Rutland has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.  If you have any information relating to crime or suspicious behaviour, please dial 101  and pass it to your local neighbourhood Beat Officer, whose details can be found in the app.


Ruthven Horne



Rutland South Crime report for May 2021

2nd – Empingham – attempt burglary where suspect challenged and caught on CCTV
2nd –  Empingham – damage to vehicle – believed same suspect as above.
7th – Braunston, Wood Lane – public order (resolved)
7th – A6003 between Preston and Manton top – Between material times unknown suspect has used a vehicle to deliberately  cause damage to gate in field. Vehicle recovered.
9th – Lyddington – 02:00 – Public order and Common assault.
9th – Pit lane, Ketton – business broken into and items stolen.
12th – Pit Lane Ketton – 2 business broken into where a generator, trailer and quad bike are stolen. New shape white transit van seen at 02.15 hours
17th – Coniston Rd Edith Weston – person arrested for public order.
17th – North Luffenham civic amenities site broken into and batteries stolen.
18th – Empingham Rd Ketton, at 11.30 hours owner sees 3 persons jacking her car up where they steal the catalytic convertor. Persons make off in silver Audi A4 on false plates.
26th – Edith Weston  – garden shed break where a number of items have been taken.
27th – Empingham – Theft of Land Rover defender from the driveway
27th – Edith Weston  – Damage to motor vehicle with deep scratch.
28th – Ketton – common assault
30th – Normanton carpark – Theft of cycle
30th – Empingham – 10.30 – 13.50  – Garage break where mountain bike stolen.
31st – Manton  13:30 – 14:00 theft of cycle left at location

As part of our ongoing drive to reduce demand did you know that you can report a “NON EMERGENCY” crime and find lots of useful information on our new improved web site.Leics Police

Current local priorities:

Theft of catalytic convertors (part of the exhaust system) from certain makes of cars are on the increase (we’ve had one on the south this month) due to the increase in the precious metals they contain. Thieves can jack the vehicle up and cut them off in a couple of minutes. They cost hundreds of pounds to replace and will leave you with a heavy expensive bill or excess insurance claim. Marking the catalytic convertor de-value’s it to thieves and makes it more difficult to sell on.

. TOP TIP – many car dealerships sell locking devices that cover the catalytic convertor to make it time consuming for thieves to steal it. Check with your dealership for more info.

. Wherever possible, park your vehicle in a locked garage, as close to your home as possible or in a parking spot overlooked by neighbours. Avoid parking your vehicle half on the pavement and half on the road, as this makes it easier for thieves to access the catalytic convertor.

. If parking in a carpark, always park alongside other cars and drive into the space as the catalytic convertor is positioned to the front of your vehicle. This will make it harder for thieves to get close enough to steal it. If possible use car parks that are accredited with CCTV.

. Consider installing alarms that activate if the vehicle is lifted or tilted.

As for other vehicle crime, please continue to remove all property – remember ‘if you leave it on show it will go’. Look to park your vehicle in a well-lit area, look to manoeuvre your van to make it difficult to open any side or rear doors. Please remember when you park up the perpetrators could be watching you, so remove your valuables out of site prior to arrival.

Along with this the joint Rutland North and Rutland South priority will remain as Rural Crime in relation to Burglaries, car crime and theft from farms. We like to remind you the usual MO is entry via forcing rear garden doors or windows as these areas are isolated and out of sight. Please make sure all doors are locked whether you’re in or not, windows are locked and secure and look at your security measures on any lockups, garages, sheds or outbuilding. If you can make it difficult for anyone to get into the rear garden even better as this is the preferred point of entry for burglars. Preferred items for them to steal is Jewellery and cash so please keep these safe.

A6003 closed at Manton Bridge.
We are aware of the increased traffic through the back roads of Ayston, Ridlington and Brooke along with Manton and Edith Weston that is a concern to residents. Officers are patrolling these areas more, we have ongoing talks with RCC and Rail Track around more signage and engagement with drivers along with updates on the progress of work.

We continue to run a vehicle enforcement campaign ‘Operation Enforce’ throughout Rutland for speed and anti-social driving/riding and have been out in villages and towns with the speed laser gun and have reported a number of drivers.

We will continue to work closely with the local residents and will alert you as soon as crime is reported and ask that if anything suspicious is seen to report through either 999 or 101.
Parish Meeting: If any parishes would like the beat team to join them please let me know (subject to being on duty).
Our next beat surgery.  We are doing a property marking session at Ketton Sports Community Centre, Pit lane, Ketton PE9 3SZ on Saturday 5th June 2021 from 10.00 – 12.00. If you have any tools, bikes or electrical items you want marked up then pop down and see us.

We are promoting neighbour Link and would like you or anyone you know to sign up for it.

Neighbourhood Link is a free email messaging service from Leicestershire Police, Neighbourhood Watch and other partner organisations, providing news and updates on policing matters that are relevant to you.

Sign up and receive email alerts about policing activity and initiatives in your local area as well as crime prevention advice and information. You will also have the opportunity to reply directly to your neighbourhood team and provide feedback via surveys, where the information you provide is used to set our priorities for the forthcoming month.

Leics Police NeighbourHood Link

If you see a crime taking place or something suspicious please call 999 noting as much detail as possible including time, location, descriptions, direction of travel from the scene, make and model of any vehicles and if possible any registrations. For any non-emergency incidents or to pass any intelligence call 101 (call costs 15p for entire call) or you can email your local Police officer Pc 2113 Pete Icke on<>
Please also visit the force website for more information on what’s going on in your area, what our present problem solving plans are and when we are holding our next beat surgery. From this site you can also fill in a consultation form for any issues you would like to share or leave a message for your local neighbourhood policing team.

PC 2113 Pete Icke
Dedicated Neighbourhood Team
Rutland South
Tel: 07967589225


The following crime has been reported for Rutland North beat for May 2021: –

Burglary (residential)                                      –              Whissendine

Burglary (business)                                         –              Toll Bar (attempt)

Vehicle Crime                                                   –              Cottesmore, Greetham, A1 x 6

Theft                                                                   –              Whitwell, Langham, Stretton, Whissendine

Assault                                                               –              Stretton, Cottesmore, Ryhall

Public Order                                                       –              Little Casterton, Cottesmore, Ryhall

Criminal Damage                                              –              Langham, Ryhall


We have noted a rise in crime on the A1 where HGV’s have been damaged or had goods stolen from them.  We are increasing patrols in the area to tackle this under Operation BARRIC to try and identify suspects and prevent further crime.

There has been a recent report of a Scam in LANGHAM, Rutland where the caller has identified themselves as a police officer and asked for help.  The person has requested that they go to their bank and withdraw money and that they will send an officer to collect.  This IS a SCAM.  Please do not take any money out of your bank account and do not hand over.  This can be reported either through to 101 or Action Fraud.

We are launching the Rutland Community Speed Watch ad we are working with RCC to train any volunteers for the respective villages.  For Rutland North we have Stretton, Ryhall, Essendine and Greetham and I will be working to support them with this.  If this is something that you would be interested in please contact your Parish Council to find out more.

If you have any village or local events happening in the next few months and would like your beat team to come along please contact me many thanks


PC 1742 Appleton