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Local Crime Update for 6 days ending 8.11.19.

NB : Under the Data Protection Act, we are advised we should not usually identify, or provide information that can easily identify an individual. In such cases part information will be omitted e.g. an asterisk may be used in place of one letter of a suspect vehicle.

Oakham Beat.

Barleythorpe – Burglary dwelling, Brocklesbank Road, about 1.50am 2.11.19 (Sat).  Occupant awoke to find one man in house and another outside.  Both ran off. Means of entry not known, nothing stolen, no description.

Any person with CCTV in vicinity please check and forward any positive information by tel 101 to Eastern Counties Crime Investigations Unit quoting re 19*586432.

Oakham – Criminal damage to shop window of Woolzone, Northgate, between 4pm 4.11 and 10am 6.11.19.  1″ diameter hole in front window.

Oakham – Theft of cash float from taxi outside Tescos, South Street, between 10am-10.5am 7.11.19 (Thurs).  Driver goes into store, during absence £60 float stolen.  Vehicle not locked.

Rutland North Beat.

Langham – Theft of cattle ‘Head Scoop’, between 9am, 31.10 and 9am 2.11.19, from field at Mickley Lodge farm, Burley Road.  Thieves unscrewed Scoop from cattle crush.  Valued £500-£550 it was specially made and much bigger than the normal scoop.

Whilst not identical a Head Scoop is shown below.

Little Casterton – Theft of vehicle from Rutland Car and Van Hire, Old Great North Road.  Theft before 3.11.19.  Stolen blue Ford Transit van model 125 T350 Index BV12 EZ0.

Cottesmore – Criminal damage (2 cases) to nearside wing mirrors of two cars parked in Nether Close, between 7.25m 2.11.19 and 5.20am 3.11.19.  One vehicle in layby and second on road opposite.

Clipsham – Burglary dwelling, between 5pm 1.11.19 and 10am 4.11.19, New Road.  Entry believed by insecure rear door.  Stolen a pair of cuff links, a silver salver plate, and a silver cup.

Rutland South Beat.

Gunthorpe – Theft of green Land Rover 4×4 Index FFP 240F overnight 5/6.11.19, from farmyard off Uppingham Road.

Anyone with a Land Rover is asked to pay particular attention to security.  There have been several thefts of this type of vehicle in our area with one vehicle found partially stripped at Wing.  These are not casual thefts and are located by reconnaissance from out of county thieves.  If possible, keep out of casual view e.g. barn or garage (if it fits).  More than one type of security will help.

Tips for security are contained in the article below from Land Rover Owner International.  Also see ‘Landywatch.


Russ Horne.

Local Crime Update for Rutland – 7 days ending 2.11.19.

NB: Under the Data Protection Act, we are advised we should not usually identify, or provide information that can easily identify an individual. In such cases, part information will be omitted e.g. an asterisk may be used in place of one letter of a suspect vehicle.

Oakham Beat.

Burglary dwelling, Cornflower Crescent, Barleythorpe, overnight 26/27.10.19 (Sat/Sun).  Property entered and keys for blue BMW (parked outside) removed from rack in hall.  Vehicle driven away; number plates later found dumped.

Anyone with CCTV in the area please check and pass any information to PC 1312 Lloyd, Neighbourhood Officer quoting Crime reference19*574956.

Burglary dwelling (for car keys), Welland Way, overnight 1/2.11.19, (Fri/Sat).  Keys removed from house and used to steal black Mercedes parked outside index PX64 SZO.

This is the second high value car stolen by ‘car key’ burglary in Oakham in the last 7 days.   If you have a quality car not only should you put the keys in a ‘relay’ secure ‘Faraday’ bag but do not place this in a clearly visible place such, as a key rack, close to the front door.

Vehicle crime – Tolethorpe Close, About 1.50am-1.55am 1.11.19.  Male suspect seen to enter vehicle and search glove box.  Not known what stolen.  Suspect male, slim, age and colour not known, 5’10” wearing silver grey quilted jacket and red gloves.

Criminal damage to motor vehicle – Haydock Avenue, Barleythorpe, overnight 31.10 and 1.11.19.  Yellow paint sprayed on car.

North Beat.

Whissendine – Gate lock damaged near Arnescote Farm, Stapleford Road, where illegal rave held (approx. 50-60 vehicles) between 12 mid night and 2.40am 27.1019 (Sun).  Eventually dispersed by Police.

Whissendine – Vehicle crime, overnight 27/28.10.19 from vehicle Pickwell Lane, theft of number plate index FE05 WTF

Ryhall – Vehicle crime, theft from van in parking bay, St Ebbas Close, overnight 26/27.10.19.  Not know what stolen.  Anyone with CCTV in this close, please check and pass any information to Eastern Counties Crime Investigation quoting crim ref *574921.

Oakham South

Braunston – vehicle crime, theft of front number plate, overnight 28/29/10/19 (Mon/Tues) from vehicle in driveway in Oakham Road.  Stolen plate FR19 YDA.

Uppingham Beat.

Vehicle crime – Blackthorn Close, overnight 29/30.10.19 (Tues/Wed) theft of black Land Rover index LF14 THK.

If anyone in Blackthorn Close has a CCTV could they please check during the night Tue/Wed.  If they find anything suspicious please contact the Crime Investigation Unit on 101 quoting crime ref 19*580208.

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Russ Horne.

Local Crime Update for Rutland – 7 days ending 26.10.19.

NB : Under the Data Protection Act, we are advised we should not usually identify, or provide information that can easily identify an individual. In such cases part information will be omitted e.g. an asterisk may be used in place of one letter of a suspect vehicle.

The Home Office has confirmed the Leicestershire Police, will get an additional 89 Police Officers in the first round of the national uplift, which was announced last month.  No indication of the numbers for Rutland

Oakham Beat.

Burglary non-dwelling, business unit in Midland Court, Station Approach, Oakham, approx. 11.55pm 19.10.19, (Sat 6 suspects in total seen).  Vehicular approach from Station Approach blocked with several skips, 3 men wearing balaclavas climbed, ladder of pallets to gain entry through upper floor window and stole small grey safe, it has a keyboard for entering digital code on front.  CCTV nearby damaged.

At midnight on Saturday night, there would be plenty of people around.  If anyone saw men moving skips around in Station Approach, or you have CCTV particularly in Kilburn Road please check for anything suspicious such as vehicles in the school Playing Fields perhaps forcing entrance or exit to/from Kilburn Road please tel.101and pass the information for the Eastern Counties Crime Investigation Unit quoting crime 19*560474.

Criminal Damage – overnight 19/20.10.19 to vehicle in resident’s car park Haydock Avenue, Barleythorpe.  Every panel on car with exception of boot scratched.  If anyone in area has a CCTV please check, and if anything of value found please tel 101 leaving any information to PC 1312 Joe Lloyd.

Criminal Damage (2 premises) overnight 19/20.10.19. (Sat/Sun) 10 windows in Mermaid Fish and Chip Shop and 3 panes of glass in Bills Bar, both Melton Road.  One man arrested.

Criminal Damage to motor vehicle, Northgate, Oakham overnight 21/22.10.19. (Mon/Tues).  Rear window of vehicle outside No 24 smashed.

Theft from motor vehicle in Willow Crescent, discovered 1.35pm 25.10.19. (Fri).  Locked door opened by some instrument.  Stolen quantity of tools type and value not yet known.

Rutland North Beat.

Greetham – theft of diesel from motor lorry parked near roadside Snacks van, Great North Road, overnight 20/21.10.19 (Sun/Mon).  Believed syphoned, quantity not known.

Rutland South Beat.

Caldecott – Burglary dwelling, Uppingham Road, discovered 3.30pm 21.10.19, not known when secure as owner away.  Entry by rear bedroom window, not known what stolen at this stage.

Belton in Rutland – Theft.  Between 6.30am-miday, 24.10.19, in Leicester Road (i) Attempt theft from vehicle, nearside window smashed, not known what stolen; (ii) Lock broken from shed to rear of premises mountain bike and quantity of tools stolen from within.  No further description at present.

Lyddington – Telephone Fraud (£5000), 85-year-old victim and his wife received phone call from an alleged Police Officer from Scotland Yard asking that he remove £7000 cash from his account to pay to police to assist in trapping a fraudster.  Fraud discovered when the bank realised, he had withdrawn (and paid) £5000 the day before.

However plausible (and they are very plausible) and no matter the time pressure placed on your decision; legitimate organisations do not make what amounts to ‘cold calling for purposes such as this.  Do not under any circumstances pay money without consulting your Bank Building Society.

Morcott – Theft of tools from motor van at Redwing Motel, Glaston Road, overnight 24/25.10.19. (Thur/Frid).  Stolen: Bosch 4”grinder, GWS 18v; one Bosch multi tool GOP 18v; one Bosch site radio GML soundbox 18v; one Bosch professional GSBL-boxxx 18v combi drill: one Bosch GDR 18v impact driver ; 4xBosch 18v 4Ah Ithium-ion cool pack batteries; 1xAL 1860 cv Bosch charger 18v; 1x1600A004ZW boss charged 18 v; 4xBosch L-boxxx 136sp; 1xDewalt DWo88K-XJ dual laser; 1x Megger MTF1741BS multifunction tester.

ALL above ITEMS MARKED WITH INITIALS ‘PDH’ in black permanent ink, except the Megger tester, which was company supplied.

If you see any of this equipment for sale or being used, do not intervene or comment.  Simply note the index of the vehicle being used by the individual in question and pass the information to police by tel 101 with request to operator to pass info to Crime Investigation Unit quoting Crime ref 19*571701.

Tixover – Found – Possible Proceeds of Crime – 10.20am, 25.10.19, at the Post Box, at The Barns, close to Hall Lane.  Three blue Makita plastic boxes (not linked to previous item).

See photograph below.

If you think the property may be yours please contact PC 2113 Peter Icke, Neighbourhood Officer for South Beat.  Giving information where the property was stolen or lost, and reference for this report, and what was in the boxes quoting Rutland reference 19* 571763.

Uppingham Beat.

Theft from Construction site, (Uppingham School) Ayston Road, overnight 24/25.10.19 (Thur/Frid), four items of Plant equipment.  Stolen:

  • 1 ton Dumper truck sign written with A-Plant, Plant ref – A943018, Property of A Plant;
  • JCB Excavator. 1.5 tons, sign written with ‘A Plant, Plant Ref – A771440, Property of A Plant’.
  • JCB Excavator 3 tons, sign written with ‘A Plant Ref – A771525,’ a similar model is shown below.


Dumper truck, Thwaites Mach 580, 3 tons serial number 3161, Plant number GP16, sign written with Gladstone Construction (Property Gladstone Construction). Similar model shown below.

Anyone in the vicinity of Ayston Road who has a CCTV would they please check the period from 4.15pm 24th to 8am 25.10.19.  If they have any footage which appears out of the ordinary, or apparently showing ‘workmen’ moving items such as this away from the scene, e.g. low loader (tarpaulin?) please ring 101 and pass the information for the officers investigating crime ref 19*570882.

Local Crime Update for 7 days ending 19.10.19.

NB : Under the Data Protection Act, we are advised we should not usually identify, or provide information that can easily identify an individual. In such cases part information will be omitted e.g. an asterisk may be used in place of one letter of a suspect vehicle.

Oakham Beat.

Oakham – Criminal damage to 3 vehicles in Glebe Way, between 7-7.30pm 11.10.19 (Fri).  Wing mirrors knocked off.

Oakham – Burglary dwelling x 2, in Stamford Road.  Two of a series of daytime burglaries to houses along A606 and A6003 between Melton and Uppingham on 14.10.19 (Mon).  Entry to rear.  Stolen:  GT grade CX Rival Adventure Road bike, orange see image below; One Merida lite cycle each worth approx. £1000; one pair ladies cycling shoes, Under Armour make rucksack (logo as shown  in different colours).

Similar model to GT Grade but in orange.

Oakham – Theft of purse and £45 cash, in outside Tescos, South Street, between 1.15pm-2pm 17.10.19.  Suspect white female late 30’s, 5’3”-4” blonde hair, wearing navy tracksuit, believed to frequent Oakham area.  Stands close to 88-year-old victim inside store as she gets cashback, helps her with her trolley outside and sits on bench with her.  Steals purse (abandoned nearby) and cash contents.

Any suggestions as to identity of suspect please tel 101 to Eastern Counties Crime Investigation Office, quoting crime ref 19*556176.

Rutland North Beat.

Stretton – theft of fuel from HGV overnight 14/15.10.19 (Mon/Tues), lay by Great North Road, (northbound), driver asleep in cab.  All fuel likely syphoned out of lorry.  Value not known.

Greetham – theft of fuel from tractor, 60-80 galls red diesel, parked Sherwood Skip Services Wood Lane, between 12.5am and 4am 15.10.19. (Tues).  Regular occurrence.

Greetham – Theft from motor lorry, Ram Jam Inn, Greet North Road, driver asleep in cab.  Both ‘curtains’ slashed and doors forced and 15 pallets of talcum powder and wet wipes stolen.

Rutland South Beat.

Edith Weston – theft of outboard motor from boat at Rutland Sailing Club, Gibbert Lane, between midday 5.10 and midday13.10.19.  Make type not known.

Believed a second similar theft occurred but not reported.

Edith Weston – Criminal damage to 14th green at Rutland Water Golf Club, Manton Road, about midnight 16.10.19 (Wed).  Golf buggy taken from outside clubhouse, driven across course for about 1 mile to 14th green and driven around causing damage to green.

Tinwell – theft of Cockapoo dog Riz from car parked driveway, Main Street, between 2-3pm 15.10.19. (Tues).  Owner offers £500 reward. Please link to Rutland Mercury report.


Uppingham Beat 

Burglary dwelling x 3 Ayston Road, daytime 14.10.19 (Mon) (probably linked to other house burglaries along A606 A6003).  Entry ground floor rear.

Stolen House 1. cash £30 and €100, black leather travel case, gold and platinum engagement ring with three central diamonds, brown jewellery box containing pair gold earrings with pearl in centre, diamond necklace with matching earrings approx. £1500, two Rotary watches one silver one gold approx. £100 each, Casio solar watch, value £50.

Stolen House 2.  Nintendo Switch game player in red value approx. £300  (see below for image of similar);

One Tag Heuer Grand Carrera watch, silver and gold value £2500; one Tag Heuer Kirrium watch, silver value £2000 (See below for similar image);

Ladies Tag Heuer Kirium watch.  Believed similar.

3 Pandora bracelets est £500 in jewellery box in blue/pink/white fabric and sequins; one pair silver diamond stud earrings in Pandora box, value £500; £451 cash.

Stolen House 3.  Omega Seamaster wristwatch £800; a gold ‘T’ bar necklace and gold bracelet; jewellery box containing a pair of gold cuff links with line pattern; one Passport in name MacCarthy.

Seen in vicinity Van with words ‘Fire Watch’ on side with telephone number.  If seen moving or parked, do not try to intervene report index number and location to Police or you may have information from CCTV, dash cam.  For both tel. 101 quoting Eastern Counties Crime Investigation Office, Crime ref. 19*550334.

Russ Horne.