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Rutland Local Crime Update for 7 days ending 28.12.19.

NB: Under the Data Protection Act, we are advised we should not usually identify or provide information that can easily identify an individual. In such cases part information will be omitted e.g. an asterisk may be used in place of one letter of a suspect vehicle.


No relevant circulations.

Rutland North Beat.

Cottesmore – burglary non-dwelling Rutland British Railway Museum, Ashwell Road, overnight 21/22.12.19.  Two gates fastened with chain cut, whilst a third wooden gate apparently rammed with vehicle.  Four containers broken into but not known what stolen.

Rutland South Beat.

Preston – burglary dwelling Main Street, 7.15pm 21.12.19 alarm activated.

Ridlington – burglary dwelling, Hollygate Road, 20/21.12.19

Ketton – burglary dwelling, Aldgate, between 19/21.12.19.

All believed linked.  Entry by first floor (ladders from garage used at one house), target jewellery and watches.  No description of property currently available.

A male, seen behaving suspiciously in Aldgate jumped into a blue Transit van index WL06 FZ* and drove off.  If anyone has CCTV, dashcam footage, or saw anything suspicious, please contact the Neighbourhood Crime Investigation Unit, quoting crimes:

19*682915, 19*683080, and 19*683608.


Uppingham Beat.

Nothing relevant.


Russ Horne.

Local Crime Update for Rutland – 7 days ending 21.12.19.

NB; Under the Data Protection Act, we are advised we should not usually identify or provide information that can easily identify an individual. In such cases part information will be omitted e.g. an asterisk may be used in place of one letter of a suspect vehicle.


Work tools and garden and building equipment are a prime target for thieves in this area and are rarely recovered.  If you want to improve the chances of getting them back, you must play your part in trying to minimise the opportunity for theft and try to help recovery/identification.  After a second claim, insurance premiums become too prohibitive for most people. 

Second-hand tools can be easily disposed of on Facebook, E-Bay, GumTree, second-hand shops etc and without any means of positive identification chances of recovery of your stolen property are minimal.

Similar problems occur in surrounding counties, here are the most recent precautions issued by Lincolnshire Police.

  • Consider fitting a tool safe and secure it with good quality locks
  • It may sound obvious, but ensure the van is locked and windows shut whenever it is left unattended
  • Keep all possessions out of sight – don’t leave jackets, sat navs etc on show
  • Try to park your van close to a building or hedge to restrict access.
  • Whenever possible park in an area that is covered by CCTV
  • If your van is older, consider fitting new locks that are more difficult to compromise – it is not as expensive as you might think
  • Fit an alarm – there are various alarms on the market but we recommend products that are Thatcham/Secured by Design accredited. However, a small stand-alone PIR shed type alarm with texting/calling facility or personal attack alarm when triggered can be very loud, act as a deterrent and let you know that your vehicle has been entered.
  • Mark the items of property/tools that are stored in the van. Ideally mark them overtly with paint pens and then seal down with a clear lacquer spray.  Mark property with the name of your company, the postcode, house or building number or name.  Items that are overtly marked are less desirable and more difficult to sell on.
  • Take photographs of items of value, make a note of serial numbers


This guidance applies to all your valuables, but tradespeople can least afford to lose the equipment of their livelihood.

Oakham Beat.

Theft of charity box from Rutland Laundry, Melton Road at 3.30pm 16.12.19.  I male distracted attendant and stole charity box.  Male arrested.

Theft of handbag at the Admiral Hornblower, High Street, afternoon 18.12.19, whilst victim having lunch with friends.  Suspects white male and female.  Male tries to distract staff whilst female removes bag.  Bag contains documents in name Kilpatrick, keys, purse etc.  Later an unsuccessful attempt was made to use stolen documents to withdraw cash in Uppingham.

Attention requested to bags if attending crowded public areas, the method does not suggest a spur of the moment theft.

Assault/actual bodily harm, The Captain Noel Newton public house, High Street, between 10.15pm-10.35pm 20.12.19.  Male refused entry due to intoxicated state, returns and assault four people.  One male arrested.

Rutland North Beat.

Cottesmore – Vehicle parked Greetham Road, rear number plate stolen overnight 13/14th.12.19.  Plate number FH66 JO*.

Stretton – Damage to side curtain of motor lorry parked overnight 16/17.12.19 on A1 slip road for Shires Lane.  Curtain clearly cut to see if anything worth stealing but in process punctured container with chemicals for water treatment.  Fire brigade required to wash away spillage.

Greetham – vehicle crime, overnight 18/19.12.19. attempt made to steal from secure vehicle in driveway of Begy Gardens.  Cover of door handle prised off in attempted entry.


Rutland South Beat.

Ketton – burglary dwelling, Wotton Close.  Victim leaves lounge floor window partly open.  Later on the 19th partner finds window fully open and wallet stolen from kitchen area.  Exit as entry.  No further details of wallet or contents.

Morcott – Theft from secure pickup truck on driveway Wing Road overnight 18/19.12.19.  Rear window of pickup removed (method not known).  After tools removed window loosely replaced.  Stolen two chain saws (kept out of sight under cover) Stihl model MS250 EV £500 and Husqvarna chainsaw model 545 Pro, new value £500.

Similar models are shown below, the colours are not known.

Morcott – theft of front number plate overnight 18/19.12.19 from vehicle parked in driveway Mount Pleasant Road.  Stolen plate KP69 ZFY.

Uppingham Beat.

Theft from secure motor vehicle parked overnight 18/19.12.19, Chapel Walk, Adderley Street.  Stolen from boot a beige rucksack (possibly Samsonite) containing dark blue, Jack Mills make water bottle and gym clothes, running leggings black with yellow stripe, and a 2015 Rugby World Cup T shirt and towel.  EV £50.

Theft of foodstuffs at Central Garage, Ayston Road, about 4pm 19.12.19 female enters forecourt shop, places food in sack and walks to car driven by male accomplice and leaves without paying.  Stolen 3 gammon joints and two pints of cider, value £62.97.  Left in Ford Focus FB19 FE*.  Suspects (i) white female, 40’s, 5’11”, long brown hair, wearing blue coat, matching hat and scarf, (ii) white male, 40’s, 5’11”, fat faced, wearing baseball cap, dark coat and jeans.  Enquiries in hand to trace suspects.


Russ Horne.

Rutland Neighbourhood Watch Brief

Local Crime Alert

Since the last Neighbourhood watch brief we have had one report of a burglary residential to a secured dwelling in Blackthorn Close, Uppingham. Unknown persons have gained entry via a rear window. It is unknown if any property was taken. This incident occurred between 04/12/2019 07:30 & 04/12/2019 07:38.
One report of theft from a vehicle in The Avenue, Exton. Unknown persons have removed vehicle tow bar. This incident occurred on 03/12/2019 at 15:30.
One report of criminal damage in Brooke Rd, Oakham.  Unknown persons have damaged vehicle paintwork. This incident occurred between 06/12/2019 16:05 & 07/12/2019 11:00.
One report of theft from a vehicle in Ryhall Rd, Great Casterton. Unknown persons have removed both number plates. This incident occurred between 08/12/2019 10:30 & 08/12/2019 11:51.


Beat Surgery at Ketton Hub on 10th Dec between 10:00 & 11:00
Beat Surgery at Lodge Trust, Market Overton on 12th Dec between 15:30 & 16:30
Beat Surgery at Buttercross, Oakham Market Place on 21st Dec between 14:00 & 15:00

Latest News

Police issue warning about courier fraud – Officers investigating a number of incidents of fraud have issued a warning to others after an elderly couple were among the victims.
Since October this year the force has received five reports relating to offences commonly known as courier fraud.

Courier fraud occurs when a fraudster contacts victims by telephone claiming to be a police officer or bank official. The caller sounds plausible and may confirm the victim’s name and address, basic information which could be obtained easily.

In some instances, after trust has been gained, the fraudster will claim money has been withdrawn from the victim’s account by staff within the bank. They persuade them to go their local branch and take out a large sum of money from their account. The fraudsters then send someone to collect the money from the victim’s home address.

This was the case for an elderly couple from Oakham who in October were contacted in this way. Following that initial call they were contacted again two days later and informed that half the cash that was collected was counterfeit.  The victim was persuaded to withdraw more money however the staff at the bank became suspicious and contacted the police to report their concerns.

In another incident in November a woman in her 60s in Market Harborough was contacted by a man who claimed he was a police officer from a police station in London. The man stated he was investigating fraud at a major bank.  The fraudster persuaded the victim to attend her local branch and a taxi was arranged to take her there.  Fortunately the local taxi firm knew the victim and became suspicious.  They helped the victim contact the force and report the incident.

Paul Wenlock from the force’s economic crime unit, said: “Luckily in two of the five cases the fraud was prevented by either a third party or the victims themselves who became suspicious.
“This type of offence is of great concern to us. Suspects are targeting, in some occasions, elderly or vulnerable people.  They sound genuine and gain the trust of the victims.
“The police or banks would not contact people in this way. If you get a call like this hang up.  If you need to contact your bank to check wait five minutes as fraudsters can stay on the line even after you have hung up, or use a different line altogether.  Your bank cards are yours and never let them be used by others.

“We are asking people to remain vigilant. If you have elderly neighbours or relatives who don’t access our website or social media sites please advise them of these incidents.
“At times the fraudsters use local taxi firms to transport potential victims to their banks. We would ask taxi companies to be mindful of this and if they have any suspicions to contact the police immediately.

“Further advice about the scam can be found on the Action Fraud website and the steps people can take to protect themselves.”

Anyone with information about a crime in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland can:
Visit our website
Call 101 (always call 999 in an emergency)
Call Crimestoppers free and anonymously on 0800 555 11

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Will Ryan (Police, Enquiry Officer, Rutland)