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Community Safety report for 6 days ending 12.11.21 Oakham Beat.

Ipaba Theft of building material from construction site in Cold Overton Road , between 2.10pm-2.20pm 8.11/.21.  Stolen heating cylinder and drainage materials.  Value approx. £200. North Beat.

Ryhall – Theft of trailer(locked) from New Road, between 12 noon8.11 and 1pm 9.11.21.  Value £150.

Whitwell – Attempted theft of second-hand cooking oil from the side of the Whitwell Arms PH, Main Street, about 8.35am 10.11.21.  Male, driving a white Transit type van.  Attempted to pass himself off as employee of Olleko.  This was the second case on the same date.

If you have a catering business or have arrangements for used oil to be purchased, please be aware there is someone attempting to exploit these arrangements.


South Beat

Ketton – Theft from a van parked in driveway in Bartles Hollow.  Locked rear doors forced and tools to value £4000 stolen.  No description available at this time.

Uppingham Beat.

Nothing appropriate reported.


Rutland has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.  Crime is the responsibility of the whole community.  Please play your part by installing crime prevention measures, and if you have any information relating to a crime or anti-social behaviour, please pass it to your local Beat Officer.


Ruthven Horne.

Rutland Community Safety Report for 6 days ending 6.11.21.

Oakham Beat.

Theft from motor van in Brooke Road between 7pm 2.11 and 7.30am 3.11.21.  Doors to van forced.  Stolen: 3 Makita tool boxes Makita battery, twin battery charger, specialist angle grinder plus bladed attachment.  All tools marked with ‘OAS’ or ‘Oakham Stone’.  Total value approx. £1200.  If anyone has CCTV in Brooke Road, please check to see if they can see any persons or vehicle acting suspiciously.  Any information please tel 101 leaving info for PC 1312 Lloyd Oakham Beat, quoting crime ref CR21* 640742.

Theft of pedal cycle from outside hardware shop in New Street, about 12.45pm 5.11.21.  No description yet available of cycle.

North Beat.

Cottesmore – Theft of tools from vehicle parked in Ashwell Road, between 10pm 2.11 and 8am 3.11.21.  Vehicle locked, no signs forced entry.  Stolen 3 steel hedge cutters, 2 leaf blowers, 3 chainsaws, a De Walt make nail gun, circular saw, impact gun and screwdriver.  Estimated value £8000.  It is likely a vehicle would have to be used to carry this property, if you have CCTV in Ashwell Road between Wenton Close and the turnoff for the Spinney, please check, if you saw any vehicle or persons behaving suspiciously please pass the info (tel 101) for the information of PC 1742 Appleton quoting crime ref 21*639488

Greetham – Attempted theft from lorry parked in lay by on A1 about 11.45pm, 3.11.21.  Driver awakened by noise and found curtains at side of his lorry had been cut by a number of men who then made off in in two vehicles a lorry and a car.  Nothing stolen.

South Beat.

Criminal damage – overnight 4/5.11.21 cutting lock on entrance gate and bending swing arm barrier blocking entry to Rutland Water complex, (north side Sykes Lane entrance).  Est value damage £500.

Edith Weston – Theft of front and rear number plates from a Ford Europe Transit van, between 6pm 4.11. and 9am 5.11.21 from vehicle parked in Windemere Road.  Stolen plates ‘YS15 GW*’

Uppingham Beat

Criminal damage – between 10-11am 2.11.21 in Mercers Yard car park, car tyre punctured by driving a number of nails into tread.

Property Marking.

Please make a note of the serial number and model of your valuable property and any identifying marks.  The simplest way of doing this is by photographing it and filing it on your PC.  If officers can’t identify it the chances of you getting it back are slim.  Officers, often detain suspects with what they believe to be stolen property but have to return the property to the ‘suspect’ if they cannot prove it is stolen and they can’t ID an owner.  Another way to get your property back is to do a little ‘online searching’ on the various social media e.g. ‘Market Places’ e.g. Gum Tree, Facebook (Meta?).  Thieves have to get rid of stolen property and popular items to steal are : cycles, laptops, mobile phones, garden and work tools e.g. mowers, strimmers, hedge cutters, power drills, planes, grinders.  If you have a photo of the serial number and identifying marks and you believe it is being offered for sale go to the Police with your evidence.  Don’t try to get it back without speaking to them, and certainly not on your own.


Rutland has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.  Crime is the responsibility of the whole community.  Please play your part by installing crime prevention measures, and if you have any information relating to a crime or anti-social behaviour, p[lease pass it to your local Beat Officer.


Ruthven Horne


Rutland Community Safety Report for 7 days ending 30.10.21.

Oakham Beat.

Assault occasioning actual bodily harm Cold Overton Road, near j/w West Road about 10pm 24.10.21. I male arrested, enquiries continue.

North Beat.

Stretton – Criminal damage, Clipsham Road, overnight 24/25.10.21 (Sun/Mon). Stones taken from the top of a dry stone wall and thrown into a field, onto the pavement and onto the road.
Tickencote – Criminal damage to lorry parked overnight at the Bloody Oakes Service Station, Casterton Road between 6am-6.15am 28.10.21 (Thurs). Driver found cut made to top of lorry giving access to load. Not yet known what is stolen
Tickencote – between 11am and 5am 28.10.21 (Thurs), Theft from lorry parked overnight at lay by at the Bloody Oakes Service Services, Casterton Road. Lorry curtains slashed, majority of boxes on pallets inside tampered with. Some contents, including Barbour Wellingtons, stolen, one box found
in field next to lay by. Fuel also syphoned from lorry.

South Beat.

Glaston – Attempted theft from lorry parked in layby Morcott Road. About 2.20-2.25am 27.10.21, cut made to side of HGV trailer waking driver asleep inside. Driver immediately started engine causing suspects to jump off the lorry enter a nearby car and drive off without lights.
Bisbrooke – Theft of parcel left outside front door in Baulk Road. Between 9am-5pm 27.10.21
(Wed). Clothing ordered online to value £600 stolen. If anyone has CCTV or saw anythingsuspicious, please tel 101 and inform PC 2113 Icke, quoting crime ref 21*625830.

Uppingham Beat.

Criminal Damage Glaston Road, between11am 22.10.21 and 1.30pm 24.10.21. Unauthorised work carried out by cutting down Willow Tree. Men used vehicle with words ‘Tree Surgeon’ on Door.
Criminal Damage – Uppingham School, North Street West, overnight 25/26.10.21,9 bollards knocked out of the ground and damaged total cost estimated £150 each. If anyone has any information please tel 101 and pass this to Rutland Neighbouring Policing Unit quoting crime ref 21*622350.


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