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Local Crime Update for 24 hours ending 1.2.21.

North Beat

Langham, theft of hot tub from Ranksborough Hall, Ranksborough Drive, between 11am and 9.5pm 31.1.21.  Holiday home closed for lockdown.  At time of second security check, one of hot tubs seen to be missing.  No further details available at present.

Local Crime Update for 24 hours ending 31.1.21.

NB : Under the Data Protection Act, we are advised we should not usually identify or provide information that can easily identify individuals. In such cases, part information will be omitted e.g. an asterisk may be used in place of one letter of a suspect vehicle.


Aggravated residential burglary, Newtown Crescent, between 7.55pm and 8.5pm 30.1.21 (Sat).  Elderly couple at home when two males enter home.  Elderly male held causing slight injuries whilst second male searches rooms upstairs.  Both men then left, it is not known if anything stolen.  One Suspect: male, believed late 20’s, white, wearing a distinctive black hooded jacket with gold writing and a diagonal stripe.

If anyone saw anyone answering this description at the time and place stated, or knows anyone who wears such a jacket, please contact Oakham Police (tel 101) leaving your information for DC Louise Osborne quoting Cr Ref 21*063693.


Do you have a keyless high-quality car?

How much is it worth to you?   Below is how they are stolen by organised gangs.  Do your best to protect your property.   You will see more than one system is required.  This buys you time.  Do not simply rely on a fitted Tracker system, this signal can be jammed to prevent ‘tracking’. Entry Car Theft Prevention

To prevent keyless car theft, check your car’s manual to see if you can turn the key off while you’re not using it. This will prevent thieves from using its signal to get into your car. If you can’t turn off your key, consider buying a key signal blocking case, which prevents thieves from amplifying its signal while you’re out of the house.

Sometimes called a Faraday bag (not expensive Amazon, Halfords) which shields your digital entry/locking device. This blocks the signal from the thieves’ ‘relay’ device.  Don’t keep this in an obvious place near the front door.

Double up with an ‘old style’ steering wheel lock.


Peterborough Police


  • 27 Jan

Two men behind the theft of more than £1million worth of keyless-entry cars across the UK have been jailed for more than four years. Juozas Baltors (left) and Darius Lukauskas (right) were found guilty of conspiracy to steal vehicles.

The pair conspired to steal 26 keyless-entry vehicles from 10 counties across England, before having them delivered to a ‘chop-shop’ in Peterborough where the vehicles were dismantled and thought to have been shipped out of the county.

During the early hours of the morning, and using sophisticated ‘relay’ equipment, they would scan and obtain victims’ vehicle key frequencies from inside their homes which enabled them to then start up the vehicles and drive them away.

PC Jeremy Turner, from Cambridgeshire Constabulary’s Acquisitive Crime Team, said: “Members of organised crime groups deliver stolen vehicles to ‘chop shops’, often concealing the vehicle’s identity initially using cloned number plates and blocking tracker signals using ‘jamming’ devices which stop the vehicle’s location from being emitted. The valuable vehicle parts are then loaded onto lorries and exported out of the country.”

Rutland Crime Alerts for 7 days ending 28.1.21.

NB : Under the Data Protection Act, we are advised we should not usually identify or provide information that can easily identify individuals. In such cases, part information will be omitted e.g. an asterisk may be used in place of one letter of a suspect vehicle.

Oakham Beat.

Theft of trailer from business car park operated by Grainstore Brewery, Pillings Road, between 7.45pm-8.55pm 25.1.21 (Mon).  Suspect vehicle, a white 4×4 Ford pickup, enters car park, 3 men get out remove padlock and chain, throw off contents of trailer (90 beer caskets), attach trailer to suspect vehicle and drive off.

Anyone in the vicinity with any information, including CCTV or vehicle dashcam in please contact Police at Oakham quoting crime ref 21*054442.

Border of North and South Beat.

Between 5pm-6.30pm, 25.1.21 (Mon), 6 cases of Criminal damage/Priority Anti-social behaviour occurred by youths throwing ice and packed snow onto vehicle windscreens from footbridges in vicinity of Water Lane, Great Casterton (4 cases), A1/A606/bridleway, Tinwell.  Approximately 4 youths seen on bridges to throw items onto vehicle windscreens.  Damage was caused to the vehicles whilst drivers put at serious risk of accident when vision was obscured in very difficult road conditions.

If anyone can assist with the identity of these youths please contact PC 1742 Appleton at Oakham Police Station (tel 101) quoting 21*054790, 21*054833, 21*054850,21*054856, 21*054165, 21*0055693.  In event of further snow and youths seen loitering in this area please report to police.

South Beat.

Theft of Ifor Williams agricultural trailer, overnight 24/25.1.21 (Sun/Mon) from farm buildings at Shorne Hill, Braunston Road, Brooke, padlock broken to gain access.  Trailer 15’x5’, drop sides, has ladder rack, front light, fog light and number plate cover broken.  The trailer can be identified by white paint placed under each corner of chassis and contained a 1 tonne bag full of animal food.  When stolen the trailer bearing number plate KR18ZT*.  Estimated value £1500.

If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of the trailer or those responsible, please contact PC 2113 Icke Oakham Police quoting Cr Ref 22*052979.

Uppingham Beat.

Attempted theft from motor vehicle parked Newtown  Road, Uppingham, overnight 26/27.1.21 (Tues/Wed).  Rear window of estate smashed and parcel shelf folded back in search.  Nothing stolen, damage £100.

Any person with CCTV or activated dash cam or who can assist, please contact PC 2988 Ace at Oakham Police Station quoting crime ref 21*057246.

Ruthven Horne.

Crime Update

1.   A woman is in critical condition after being stabbed in Oakham yesterday (21.1.21).  Two men have been arrested.

Woman in critical condition following stabbing in Rutland town – Leicestershire Live (

2.   Leicestershire Police report issuing £72,000 in fines for breaches of COVID-19 regulations.  They request information on further breaches when and where seen.  The easiest way of doing so is to use the smartphone App.  Click on Reporting Crime on Face Page>Click on Leicestershire and Rutland Police/Breaches of COVID measures, >click on Website lindk and fill in the boxes.


Police issue a staggering £72,000 in Covid-19 fines since latest national lockdown began – Leicestershire Live (

3.   Flooding still affecting roads around Melton.


Storm Christoph brings serious flooding to Leicestershire – Leicestershire Live (

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