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Rutland Local Crime Update for 7 days ending 30.12.20.

As we move to Tier 3 in Rutland, the effect of the COVID policeman is even more apparent with no reported crimes considered appropriate for circulation this week, i.e. no burglaries (residential or commercial), thefts of or from motor vehicles, and no other thefts.

This is good news for most people, but nationally the restricted movement is reportedly causing an increase in family related problems, which we do not normally report.

If you are a victim of such behaviour, and you would like free confidential advice on this or worrying alcohol or drug use, by you or a family member, quick links are available on your App.

By clicking on the Victim Support logo on the front/face page, and then choosing the appropriate agency you can gain speedy access to non-judgemental advice.

May we wish you and your family a happy, healthy and safe New Year.


Berni and Russ.

Rutland Local Crime Update for 6 days ending 23.12.20.

NB. Under the Data Protection Act, we are advised that we should not usually identify or provide information that can easily identify and individual. In such cases, part information will be omitted, e.g., an asterisk may be used in place of one letter of a suspect vehicle.

Oakham Beat.

Barleythorpe – theft of tools from a van in Mistley Close, between 3.30pm 17th and 7am 18.12.20.  No description of stolen property available,

Oakham – Burglary 18/19.12.20, Rutland Care Village, Huntsman’s Drive, entry through ground floor open window into kitchen and foodstuffs stolen from the refrigerator.  Kitchen unoccupied between 3-3.30am.

Hambleton – Criminal Damage to bird scarer (gives off periodic bang) in field off A606 Stamford Road, property of Half Moon Farm, Ketton Road.  Occurred between 9.35am 14.12 and 12.30pm 18.12.20.

North Beat.

Egleton – Theft of JCB digger, (no further description) from farmland belonging to Durham Ox Farm, Uppingham Road.  Dates stolen nyk.

South Beat.

Nothing appropriate for circulation.

Uppingham Beat.

Criminal Damage -between 5pm 19.12 and 8am 21.12 when graffiti was sprayed on the wall of Hawley House, High Street West (part of Uppingham School).  Three other cases were found nearby. South


Russ Horne.

Rutland Crime Update to 17Dec2020

Rutland Local Crime Update for 7 days ending 17.12.20.

Two items of very Good News before Christmas:

  • Weekly visits to Oakham Police Station resumed today enabling checks of the crime records to resume after the lockdown suspension, and
  • One of the few benefits of the Covid restrictions on movement is that Crime reports are much lower than normal, there was not a single ‘break-in’ or theft from a motor vehicle in Rutland reported in the last 7 days.
  1. Under the Data Protection Act, we are advised we should not usually identify or provide information that can easily identify an individual. In such cases, part information will be omitted, e.g. an asterisk may be used in place of one letter of a suspect vehicle.

Oakham Beat.

Oakham – theft of cycle parts, from cycle rack outside Wilko’s, High Street, between 7.30pm and 9.30pm 15.12.20 (Tues).  A white mountain bike was left padlocked to the cycle rack, but the front wheel, front forks and seat were removed from the machine.  It is of interest that blood was found on the frame, apparently left by the thief.  Anyone who saw someone acting suspiciously or carrying cycle parts please report this to the Oakham Police quoting Crime ref 20*662703.

North Beat.

Whissendine – Criminal Damage, at Whissendine Sports Club, Melton Road, between 12 noon 4.12 and 12 noon 8.12.20, fence pulled over and pole removed.  Recently there have been similar incidents at this location.  Attention requested when passing.

South Beat.

Caldecott – Criminal Damage (previous cases during the last week) to 11’ wooden gate on E315 Bridlepath, running from Great Eason Road towards Trout Fishery.  Bottom bar damaged and struts pulled off.  Damage estimated £100-250.

Empingham – Criminal Damage to sensors on church alarm at St Peters Church, Church Street, between 2.14pm 11.12 and 2.30pm14.12.20.  The alarm went off twice and on the second occasion the damage was found.  This church has previously been targeted for theft of lead from the roof.  It is very likely these alarm activations were related to enable further thefts.  Churches experiencing similar incidents should carry out regular checks on their property until the alarm has been repaired.

Uppingham Beat.

Nothing appropriate for circulation.

Russ Horne.

Rutland North Crime update Nov 2020

The following crimes have been reported to Rutland North beat for November 2020: –

Burglary   –               Whissendine, Greetham, Hambleton, Langham

Public Order   –        Greetham, Langham x 2

Bilking   –                  (drive off from garage) Tickencote x 2

Theft.                         Greetham

Criminal Damage   –  Langham, Whissendine, Great Casterton, Cottesmore

Vehicle Crime. –         Whissendine, Cottesmore x 2, Ryhall

Assault   –                   Great Casterton x 2

This month we have continued to work on our main priorities set by our residents which is currently Rural Crime and Speeding. These priorities have been identified by anyone who has been surveyed by local officers or signed up to Neighbourhood Link which is an email system which we use to send out alerts from the police.

If you would like to know more about this please feel free to contact me via email and will happily discuss further and/or sign you up. We have noticed an increase in burglaries this month but I want to reassure residents that these are to outbuildings. I would ask that all residents ensure that their outbuildings are secure and if you see anything suspicious call either 101 or 999. If you are ever worried which to call the rule of thumb is if it is a crime in progress 999 but if it is not 101.

If you would like to speak to me about any policing issues in your area please contact me

many thanks

Laurie PC 1742 Appleton’