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Community Safety Information for 4 days ending 20.4.21

Crime is the responsibility of the whole community.  Rutland has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.  If you have any information relating to a crime or suspicious behaviour, please dial 101 and pass it to your local Beat Officer.

Nothing appropriate crime reports on Oakham, South and Uppingham Beat.

Please Note.

The police office at Rutland County Council Offices is closed until further notice due to Covid restrictions.  If You need to visit a police station enquiry office then Melton is the nearest otherwise ring 101 or 999 in an emergency.  If it is to report a crime you can do this on the smartphone App or by visiting the Leicestershire Police website ‘’.

North Beat.

Great Casterton – Theft of 12 wooden sleepers from a garden in Ryhall Road, between 5pm 7.4. and 7pm 18.4.21.  Estimated value £19 each.  The number and weight suggest at least two persons would be involved in the theft and have the use of a van/lorry of some description.  If you have any information which may assist, please pass information to PC Appleton, the local Beat Officer quoting crime ref 21*212337.

Exton – Theft of front and rear number plates from vehicle parked on Barnsdale Hill, whilst owner took dog for a walk at Rutland Water, between 7.50am 20.4 and 8.30am 20.4.21.  Stolen number plates YX12 ZHF.

If you leave your vehicle to go for a walk, please keep a look out for a person or persons watching you, if they are in a vehicle please note the registration number.  Do not leave articles on view in the car.


Officers have released photographs of jewellery they believe to have been stolen and would like to reunite with their owners

Officers have released photographs of jewellery they believe to have been stolen and would like to reunite with their owners | Leicestershire Police (

Part of A6003 between Oakham and Uppingham to close for bridge repairs | Rutland County Council

The closure of the main A6003 road to Oakham, for major repairs/reconstruction at the railway bridge near Manton, (closed until July) is causing considerable inconvenience to residents as re-routed traffic is speeding through small villages; Brooke Road, Brook is highlighted but others are also affected.  Please allow extra time for these journeys and keep your speed down.  Police will be paying extra attention to this area.

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Ruthven Horne

Community Safety information for 2 days ending 14.4.21.

Crime is the responsibility of the whole community.   Rutland has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.  If you have any information relating to a crime or suspicious behaviour, please dial 101 and pass it to your local Beat Officer. 

Langham – theft of a catalytic converter from a car parked in Orchard Road, between 12 noon 8.4 and 8.30am 9.4.21.  Estimated value £1000.  This many have happened after 2am, so if you live in Orchard Road and you have CCTV or any type of doorbell camera pleased check to see if it has recorded anything after this time.

Please pass any information by telephoning 101 to PC 1742 Appleton at Oakham Police station quoting crime ref 21*0199310.

Oakham – Criminal damage to motor vehicle at Enterprise Park, Ashwell Road, about 2.30pm 12.4.21.  Vehicle scraped from front to rear.

Catalytic Converter Thefts.

There has been a recent increase in the theft of catalytic converters from vehicles in Rutland.  4×4 vehicles in particular have been targeted as the catalytic converter is more readily accessible.

To reduce the risk of theft of your vehicle’s catalytic converter:

  • Keep your car in the garage wherever possible,
  • Park in busy, well-lit areas,
  • Look out for people working under cars,
  • If the car is high risk, such as a 4×4, consider marking the shell of the converter with a unique mark, so that it has to be removed by thieves, it will be easier to trace back to your vehicle,
  • Consider purchasing a device to secure your converter such as a cage or lock.

If you see something suspicious, ring the police immediately on 101 or 999.  Dial 999 if:

  1. A serious offence (includes catalytic converter theft) is in progress or has just been committed,
  2. Someone is in immediate danger of harm,
  3. Property is in danger of being damaged,
  4. Serious disruption to public peace is likely.

Appeal to identify man following phone thefts across the county | Leicestershire Police (

Anyone with information can pass on information by visiting and quoting reference 21*188891.  Alternatively, call 101.


Leicestershire Police welcomes new wildlife officers | Leicestershire Police (

(Includes PCSO Dianne Freeman from Rutland.)


Ruthven Horne

Community Safety Report for 3 days ending 11.4.21.

Rutland has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.  If you have any information relating to a crime or suspicious behaviour, please dial 101 and pass it to your local Beat Officer.  Crime is the responsibility of the whole community.   

North Beat. 

Langham – attempted theft of catalytic converter (part cut), from car parked Cold Overton Road, near to J/W A606, between 8.45pm-9pm 8.4.21.

Anyone with CCTV who say any person(s) acting suspiciously near this location please contact PC 1742 Appleton Beat Officer on tel 101 quoting crime ref 21*0193830.

Whissendine – theft of both car number plates, overnight 8/9.4.21 from vehicle parked in Ashwell Road.  Stolen plates are ‘YY59NOH’.

Empingham – theft of two pallets of beer from lorry parked overnight lay by Stretton Road, on approach to A1N.  Curtains slashed.  No further details known.

South Beat

Edith Weston – Criminal damage and theft from compound at Rutland Sailing Club, Gibbets Lane.  Entry by cutting barbed wire fencing and stole Yamaha 50HP outboard motor from compound.  Further description awaited.


Report from PC Appleton Rutland North Beat for March 2021: –

Vehicle Crime                                                    –              Langham (number plates), Stretton

Theft                                                                     –              Langham x 2, Essendine, Great Casterton, Greetham

Assault                                                                 –              Ryhall x 2, Exton

Business Burglary                                             –              Great Casterton

Criminal Damage                                              –              Hambleton

Public Order                                                       –              Ryhall, Great Casterton


Through consultation we continue to see that the three main priorities that Rutland North residents are concerned about are Rural Crime, Speeding and Fraud.  This month we have conducted regular patrols linking in with our rural residents and have completed an Op Galileo day which looks specifically at Hare Coursing.  We have conducted speed checks and enforcement on the beat and have targeted HGV’s driving through Stretton and Clipsham as a short cut through a weight restricted road.  We have kept residents aware of scams identified within the community through social media and sharing Action Fraud newsletters.

Ruthven Horne


If you are interested in following us through Social Media Facebook – Rutland Police, and Twitter @LP_Rutland

We are also sharing alerts through Neighbourhood Link which is an email alert system.  If you are interested in any of these or would like to discuss anything further with me please email me

Many thanks



With effect from 11.4.21 PC2988 Ace will be transferred from Uppingham Beat to Response Car duties.  Until  a replacement has been appointed this Beat will be covered by PC 2113 Icke on South Beat.

Ruthven Horne

Suspicious behaviour – Uppingham

The following vehicle was seen behaving suspiciously in the Uppingham area, where men in a blue Transit van KR55ZMO, shown below, seen checking gardens and going through a skip.  No direct evidence of theft, but if seen please pass to Police using 101.  If you suspect they have committed a crime dial 999.