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Local Crime Alert

Local Crime Alert
Since the last Neighbourhood watch brief we have had two reports of theft in Uppingham Rd, Gunthorpe. Unknown persons have gained entry to and taken 2 x vehicles. These incidents occurred between 05/11/2019 17:00 & 06/11/2019 08:10.
One report of theft in New Rd, Ryhall. Unknown persons have gained entry to an insecure vehicle and taken tools. This incident occurred between 08/11/2019 13:00 & 08/11/2019 13:00.
One report of theft in Cold Overton Rd, Langham. Unknown persons have taken money from an honesty box. This incident occurred between 05/11/2019 14:00 & 06/11/2019 09:00.

Beat Surgery at Barrowden Community Shop on 11th Nov between 14:00 & 15:00
Beat Surgery at Farmers-Market Gaol Street on 16th Nov between 11:00 & 12:00
Beat Surgery at Uppingham Methodist Church on 29th Nov between 10:00 & 11:00

darker nights and smart thinking

Latest News
Darker Nights – Police in the Rutland area are reminding people to ensure that their homes are secure in the run-up to Christmas and the onset of darker nights People are being urged to take simple crime prevention measures to help prevent them from becoming victims of burglary.
As Christmas gets closer and people start buying their gifts, burglars will be stepping up their efforts to get into your homes. Officers are also keen to remind people that depending on the policy, some insurance companies will not pay out if homes are burgled after being left insecure.
Burglars are often opportunistic thieves who prey on houses and flats. They seek out any opening that they can take advantage of, specifically doors and windows that are left open or unlocked or are easy to force. Anything of value that they might spot through a window will only spur them on. But it really doesn’t take much to deter these thieves – just smart thinking


Burglar facts
Burglars target homes that they think will contain valuables. A sure giveaway is leaving the packaging from expensive items outside your front door.

Burglars often look for homes with windows or doors left open or with vulnerable features that they can exploit.

Burglars are aware of the times when someone is expected to be away from their house such as during the school run or holidays.

Burglars typically do not want to be seen or heard and if they feel that they would be noticed by a neighbour or passerby then they are more likely to feel exposed and may move on to find somewhere else to burgle.

Burglars often choose a home because they’ve spotted a specific vehicle, motorcycle or bicycle they want to steal – and the keys are more than likely to be inside the residence.

Sheds and garages are often vulnerable as they are not that secure and contain tools which the burglar can use to assist them to gain entry to a home.

It’s a fact that many burglars return to homes that they’ve previously burgled because the homeowner failed to upgrade security following the first burglary. They sometimes return to an area to try to burgle a nearby home that they spotted while committing a previous break-in. Even more reason for you to ensure you keep your home as safe as houses.

Please see link below for further advice and don’t make it easy for the criminals.

Leicestershire Police are looking for residents of Rutland to join them as volunteers.  You will be supporting local officers and the local community in the tasks you will be engaged in.  You may get involved a number of issues including:


1)      Speed monitoring;

2)      Undertaking home security visits;

3)      Getting involved in locally based operations/initiatives.


The advantages of being a volunteer with Leicestershire Police are that not only do you get an insight into what the police do but your engagement and what you are able to do may also help you gain employment in the future.


If you are interested in getting involved either get in touch with the Volunteers in Policing Team on 0116 2482632 or go to the Leicestershire Police website and look at the ‘Join Us’ page selecting the ‘Police Support Volunteers’ option.