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Alert from Rutland Police regarding recent reports of burglaries – your help sought

Can you help?
Residents in Oakham are being asked to come forward following three recent reports of a burglary in Cricket Lawns.
One incident happened sometime between Friday 6 and Friday 13 May. Items including jewellery, a watch, antique coins, a stamp collection and a digital camera were taken.
Between 10 am on 8 May and 2 pm on 10 May, jewellery was also taken from another address in the street. Another burglary at a different property was reported to have taken place between 3 May and 10 May, but it is not yet known what was taken.

How to spot a scam email from allegedly, UPS

where to buy priligy First of all, although it suggests UPS beside it the sender is not UPS. Secondly, the date is written in the American format

And thirdly, no parcel is expected but could be in which case this is absolutely not a notification about any expected delivery you may have.

Order notification 8507746712731411.

opinionatively We attempted to deliver your parcel.

Attempted Delivery Date:  5/24/2022 9:25:25 AM

Shipment Details

Status: On Hold
Tracking Number: 1Z85077467127314


Please reschedule your package for delivery .Confirm you phone number and delivery details.


track package has been removed so no one accidentally opens it.


Thank you,


1994- 2022


SCAM WARNING⚠️: We’ve received over 750 reports in just four days about these FAKE Ofgem emails.
The links in the emails lead to websites that are designed to steal your personal and financial details. If you receive one, report it to: #PhishyFridays
May be an image of ‎text that says "‎SCAM WARNING ساسW ActionFraud Cyber Aware be Criminals target public with fake Ofgem emails Action Fraud has received 752 reports four days relating to fake purporting Ofgem. The emails the recipient eligible for rebate result of newly announced government scheme. The links the emails lead to genuine-looking websites that are designed steal your personal and financial information. ofgem YouAre Eligible Apply Energy Rebate 12022 Your bank, any other official won't ask you share personal information over email text. you need check that genuine message, contact them email? the Suspicious Reporting Service (SERS)- households that-are energy clickingthe‎"‎