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Silent Solutions

Nettuno There may come a time when you need to call 999 but talking may put you or others in more danger. 
Silent Solutions is a system where you can make a silent 999 call.

When you call 999. All 999 calls are directed to call centres and will be answered by operators. They will ask which service you need. If no service is requested but anything suspicious is heard throughout the process, BT operators will connect you to a police call handler.

It is always best to speak to the operator if you can, even by whispering. You may also be asked to cough or tap the keys on your phone in response to questions.

The Silent Solution is a police system used to filter out large numbers of accidental or hoax 999 calls. It also exists to help people who are unable to speak, but who genuinely need police assistance.
You will hear an automated police message, which lasts for 20 seconds and begins with ‘you are through to the police’. It will ask you to press 55 to be put through to police call management. The BT operator will remain on the line and listen. If you press 55, they will be notified and transfer the call to the police. If you don’t press 55, the call will be terminated. Pressing 55 does not allow police to track your location.

When transferred to your local police force, the police call handler will attempt to communicate with you by asking simple yes or no questions. If you are not able to speak, listen carefully to the questions and instructions from the call handler so they can assess your call and arrange help if needed.

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Operation Silence

Leicestershire Police Operation Silence

Dear Rutland resident.

We often receive communication from those in rural communities asking us to join various WhatsApp groups.

Our rural team is responsible for the entire of Leicestershire and Rutland which makes it incredibly difficult for us to be part of all of the various groups across such a huge area.
In order to try and improve our communication with those who live and work in the rural areas of Leicestershire and Rutland, we have set up Operation Silence.

The idea is to have one or 2 people from the various WhatsApp groups to act as a point of contact with the Police. They would be responsible for encouraging group members to report things to police as appropriate (999/101 or online) as well as regularly speaking to the Rural Policing Team face to face and on the phone / Skype etc and passing messages back to the community.

Our focus is on improving confidence and communication to as many people as we can in the rural and farming community.

We welcome contact from NFU groups, Young Farmers, current local and village groups or equestrian WhatsApp groups. Anything at all to benefit with more eyes and ears in rural communities.

If you are part of a communication group and want to learn more please email us and title your please email us and title your email Operation Silence:

Kind Regards

PC Rob Cross

Leicestershire Rural Policing Team.

Survey Request from The Police and Crime Commissioner

Budget Survey – 2022-2023

As Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland I am determined to provide an efficient and effective police service to you, the public.  That means that I am responsible for setting the annual budget for Leicestershire Police so that the Chief Constable has adequate resources in order to meet the demands and expectations of the public.

It is vital that I set a budget that will give Leicestershire Police the resources they need to implement the Police and Crime Plan which was written in consultation with you, the public. I want to ensure that the residents of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland are listened to and those matters which are considered important to you are reflected in the way we police in the future.

I want to hear from you so that I can make an informed decision. Please take a minute or two to complete this short survey: Survey Request

Rupert Matthews

Police & Crime Commissioner for Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland Message Sent By
Corporate Communications (Communications, Public Engagement, Force HQ)