Co-Op Local Cause

Please help us to help you by supporting Rutland Neighbourhood Watch Association (RNHWA) as your local cause at the Coop.  By simply shopping at the Coop you can be helping us.

This year we are making a determined effort to raise money to help pay the ‘hosting’, technical, and development costs we will face in the next 12 months with the Rutland NHW smartphone App and our Website (

The Coop has a system of charitable giving where they donate 2p in the £ to Charity.  From each £ spent in their stores they donate 1p to a National cause and 1p goes to a local cause.  RNHWA was fortunate to be selected as one of three local causes benefiting from spending at our nominated locations, the buy gabapentin canada Uppingham Coop and the Corby Funeral Parlour.

The spending would normally be split three ways, but if MEMBERS nominate our cause (Rutland Neighbourhood Watch Association, ID number 52769), we get all that person’s allocation.  It is therefore in our interests to persuade as many customers as possible, to join the Coop as Members (cost £1), so they can nominate us as their local cause.

To do this, sign into your Coop Membership Account at’ or Full Report Tel 0800.0234708 (M-F 9am-6pm, Sat 10am-5pm) and nominate us.  You can ask that this remains so until 1.11.21 when a new scheme starts.

Only Members may vote for a Local Cause.  If you are not currently a Coop Member please consider joining (cost £1), by ringing the above number, after which you may nominate us as above.

It is in our interests to promote our involvement in this scheme and persuade supporters (who are not already Coop Members), to join, and then along with those who are already Members, to nominate us as their Local Cause.  Please nominate us and try to persuade friends and members of your group, Neighbourhood Watch, Resident Association, or Social Media Group to do the same.

We are entirely run by volunteers, with no premises and few overheads, other than the App and linked Website.  Our work with the Coop will also try to recruit volunteers, increase new App ‘Users’, and broaden our demographic.

Links to the leaflet and Poster to be circulated in the Uppingham Store and the Corby Funeral Parlour, are shown below.

Further, on occasions I will be visiting these premises, plus a school and Youth organisation, to promote our Cause with Ms Angela Wilson a Coop Local Member Pioneer, and try to recruit new ‘Users’, volunteers, and feedback on the App from a young person’s perspective.

If you can help in any way with ideas to improve the App/Website, please let me know.

To date, the sum allocated to Rutland Neighbourhood Watch at 15.1.21 is £156.19.

Ruthven (Russ) Horne

Trustee RNHWA


Poster for Co-Op Notice Board

Leaflet for Co-Op campaign