Shed Thefts at Carlby

Quetiapine mexico Ogre North Beat.

Luton ‘Series of thefts from sheds on the Lincs/North Rutland border at Carlby’.

Over the weekend there were three incidents of thefts of gardening equipment from sheds in Carlby (Lincs), just north of Essendine, on the A6121.  Social media suggest there has been a further case at Ryhall, although this hasn’t so far been reported.

These offences often occur in groups on either side of the borders where it is difficult to pick up patterns.  Thieves will usually reconnoitre an area before committing offences, and  will often approach across fields from the rear.  If you see anyone behaving suspiciously, please record any vehicle index mark and pass it to your local Beat Officer.

If you have been the victim of any crime, please report it to the Police.  It is also perhaps an opportune time to consider your security by checking on your Shed Security.  Ctrl + click on the link shown below.

Keeping your shed or garage safe and secure | Crime prevention | Leicestershire Police (

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