Very recently we conducted a warrant in Leicester with the RSPCA (England & Wales).

Whilst there – we recovered a large amount of Stihl chainsaws, hedge cutters and leaf blowers. We also recovered some climbing gear.

These items are all accounted for with local offences and ones in other counties – but it means that offenders may be out looking for their next target to replenish the items we recovered.

Use this as an opportunity to review your lock up or workshop security.

Decent bars and metal doors with substantial padlocks. Alarms. Quality CCTV if there’s a WiFi connection. Decent insurance. Can you run a chain through the handles of your kit? Don’t leave expensive saws or kit in the tool box on the van.

Most insurers need you to send photos of your kit and serial numbers – but it’s amazing how many people don’t keep records of their own serial numbers or proof of purchase.

Report suspicious activity to police and make sure you know who’s following you home.


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