Lead thefts from churches on our doorstep!


We have been notified of lead thefts at St Mary Magdalene, Yarwell and St Mary the Virgin, Wansford.  Both churches were targeted on 1st April 2019.  Thieves stripped the north and south chapel roofs at Yarwell, while Wansford has lost all of the lead from the chancel roof.


This is very close to the Rutland borders.  Please do be alert both night and day.  These thieves usually check out the lay of the land prior to attempting to take the lead.  If you see anything suspicious near your church gather as much detail as possible – vehicles, registration numbers etc., and either call the police on 101 or use the App particularly if you have photographs you wish to submit.  You will find a direct link under Heritage Crime – found by clicking reporting crime.


As always, please encourage people to remain vigilant and to report immediately any suspicious activity to the police.



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