Would you like to volunteer to join the board of Rutland NHW

We are looking for at least three volunteers to join the Board of Rutland NHW.  If you regularly use the website and or the App you may already have an interest and we would very much like to hear from you.



  1. Data Manager: being a part of the team responsible for the management of the App, the Rutland NHW Association website and our database of members, including development work, where required;


  1. Police Liaison: liaison with the Police and input of crime-related information onto the App and website;


  1. Membership Liaison: liaison with members and clusters, together with the recruitment of new watches, leading to wider coverage of the county;


  1. Secretary: organisation of meetings, correspondence, minutes, etc.


Anyone who is willing to serve in any of the above positions, or who can put us in touch with other parties who might like the opportunity to exercise or revive past skills in some interesting and worthwhile work of unquestionable value to the wider community, is asked to contact Russ Horne (r.horne373@btinternet.com) or Adrian Gombault (agelmtc@tiscali.co.uk) at the earliest opportunity and not later than Sunday 28th April.



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