Supicious Behaviour

Suspicious Behaviour.

At 1.20pm on Tuesday 14th May a white transit van was seen in Stockerston Crescent, Uppingham,  cruising very slowly with two men looking at the properties they were passing.  The vehicle was a Ford Transit van, Year: 2001,  Reg. No. FX51 JR*.   Please be vigilant, lock doors, windows and garages/outhouses at ALL TIMES.   There is no indication of this vehicle committing any offences, but similar behaviour was seen prior to recent night time burglaries in the general Caldecott area where the target was garden equipment and building tools, where the method was a night time approach from the rear (quite often across fields).

Info from Next Door Uppingham.

Duster Salesmen.

Preston was recently visited by duster salesmen (‘pedlars’).  These young men, driven into the area (from as far away as Hull) are dropped off to sell dusters, chamois leathers etc, generally of poor quality.  They are a nuisance and generally have a sympathy story such as just released from prison and trying to get a job.  They should have a pedlers certificate from the Chief Constable of the area where they live, but few have, and so Police advise great care as it is a perfect cover for checking out properties.  If they visit you do not let them into the house; if yu have any concerns contact Police and if they have a car avaiable will attend to check them out.  If illegal their stock will be seized.  If you see them getting out of their ‘transport’ please try to obtain the index number.

Russ Horne

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