Rutland North Crime Update

Dear all,


The following crime has been reported to the police for the month of December 2017: –


BOTD (Burglary other than dwelling)       3 x Ryhall

Theft                                                                     Greetham

Theft from vehicle                                           Langham, 2 x A1, attempt Market Overton

Assault                                                                 Whissendine, Hambleton, Greetham, Langham

Criminal Damage                                              Ryhall, Hambleton, Little Casterton, Whissendine

Bilking (theft fuel from garage)                  Great Casterton, Stretton


We have continued to work towards reducing Rural Crime which is the current Neighbourhood Priority which is linked to Hare coarsing.  We have noted a reduction in December for incidents reported and have continued to work with Lincolnshire police through Operation Galileo to tackle this issue with Rutland South beat.


I would also like to formally welcome PCSO 6115 Lauren Orgill to the beat team and I have attached a new Beat Poster if you could please update any notice boards it would be greatly appreciated.


We are also looking for locations for our monthly Beat Surgeries from March onwards and so if you have any suggestions please let me know.


Please, could I also ask all Parish Clerks to let me know if you have your AGM meetings dates are so I can get them booked in the diary?


I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year many thanks




PC 1742 Appleton