Be on your guard against the ever increasing Covid 19 scams

Be on your guard!
Criminals continue to exploit the coronavirus pandemic to defraud innocent members of the public. Currently, coronavirus-related frauds make up 3-5% of all fraud reports.

To keep this number as low as possible, we want people to be aware of the very simple steps they can take to protect themselves from handing over their money, or personal details, to criminals.

Please continue to visit this page for information on the latest scams we are seeing and advice on how to protect yourself.

Don’t forget that you can follow Leics Police Cyber Aware on Facebook and on Twitter @LeicsCyberAware for daily information.

If you receive scam texts you can forward these to 7726 (which spells SPAM on your phone keypad) and you can forward any suspicious emails to

#StaySafe #StayHomeSaveLives

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