Bird Flu – webinar filmed in 2020 giving plenty of detailed enrichment advice

All poultry and captive birds must still be housed as the bird flu risk remains HIGH‼️
We understand that long-term housing of your birds is a challenge and can lead to welfare problems.
Add enrichment to your birds’ environment – chickens like to get up high so add perches or items that create different levels. This also creates extra space and can help prevent fighting.
Get creative – geese may enjoy playing with squeaky dog toys hanging up!
But remember anything you introduce must have been kept indoors where it can’t have been contaminated. Do not add items to your birds’ housing that have been outdoors as you could be introducing disease to your birds.
This brilliant webinar organised in 2020 by The Surrey Poultry Vet featuring a chicken behaviourist gives plenty of detailed enrichment advice:…/enriching-your…

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