Black Friday and Cyber Monday Advice

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday upon us, we wanted to share the below information to help you bag a bargain, rather than it cost you more than you might be expecting!

Before you start shopping, please ensure that your devices are up to date as this is your first line of defence! And ensure that passwords are unique, don’t reuse the same password on different sites!

  • Rule Number One – if it sound too good to be true, it more than likely is!
  • REMEMBER the green padlock and ‘https’ DOES NOT mean that the site is legitimate, just that data is securely transmitted – fraudsters use this to make you think the page is legit!
  • To AVOID fake pages, DON’T click on pop up ads or links in emails or messages to offer – search for the offer yourself on a browser – that way you won’t end up on a scam fake page
  • Stick to names that you’re familiar with to avoid the fraudulent ones
  • Don’t make purchases on public Wi-Fi – it’s often insecure and your details could potentially be intercepted. Use your mobile data instead
  • When you’re ready complete your purchase, check for the padlock and ‘https’ when checking out – Often shown as a green padlock in the address bar, this means that your data being transmitted is encrypted.
  • Payments – use trusted payment methods such as PayPal – remember to check you are paying “Goods and Services” – if you change to “Friends and Family” you LOSE your PayPal protection!  For goods over £100, you have far more protection if you pay by Credit Card.  If you are asked to pay by bank transfer, be very wary, as you have no protection at all!
  • Beware of phishing emails – these could be fake offers taking you to fake pages, or they may be regarding a purchase or delivery.  Make it a rule, never log in via a shortcut or link in an email or a text – log in the way you normally would!
  • Watch out for those great offers posted on social media – fraudsters use social media to post very enticing offers, via fake websites, but these offers don’t exist! Your money will be paid, but your goods will never arrive.  Be aware that just because a page is “sponsored” on Facebook, does NOT mean that it’s legitimate, they do not carry out checks!

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Sam Hancock (Police, Cyber Protect Officer, Leicestershire)

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