Community Safety Alert for 3 days ending 19.3.21.

Digras Community Safety Alert for 3 days ending 19.3.21.

We asked Sergeant Paul Kear of the Rutland Police, if he could occasionally provide articles about the work faced by his officers and how you can help them.  The first article is set out below.

As we embark upon the roadmap out of lockdown it is important not to get over-confident and jump the gun by ignoring or being over-flexible with government guidance around social distancing. The rules still apply, the dates the gov’t have given are not set in stone and up for review should things not continue to head in the right direction. Please continue to do your best under the difficult circumstances.

Dog theft is of major concern to all of us nationally and has been elevated to a “Force Priority”. COVID lockdown has seen the price of dogs sky-rocket and the thieves are taking the opportunity to line their pockets. Thankfully we haven’t seen any instances on us but concern is great with a lot of stories and “near misses” circulating on social media. If you see anything suspicious, people or vehicles you think may be connected to this traumatic crime PLEASE let us know, if it’s a crime in progress or about to be committed ring 999 otherwise 101 or email us via the Leics Police website with vehicle details/registration numbers and description of suspects. We’re seeing 4x4s, Range Rovers., Landcruisers, Nissan Navarros being reported to us, vehicles not being out of place in a rural environment so hidden in plain sight. We need to catch these criminals, if what you tell us checks out ok then that’s fine but it just may be the one we’re looking for, we’ll be the judge of that and you’re not wasting anybody’s time by getting in touch.

Courier Fraud is still a big issue. Fortunately we’re working closely with the banks and a number of offence have been foiled by them refusing to release large unexplained withdrawals of cash by often elderly and vulnerable victims. Keep an eye on potentially vulnerable neighbours for signs of this and visits by rogue traders. The “Something’s wrong with your roof but we’ll need £2000 in advance for materials before we can start work and fix it. Just pop down the bank and we’ll wait here.”….method is increasingly common.

Speeding and road safety on Rutland roads is still very much a priority and as we enter springtime the motorcycles will be out and about again. Rural crime, theft of farm equipment and hare-coursing are also very high on our patrol agenda.

I’d like to stress the importance of noting vehicle registration plates for any suspected crime or sus activity. If it’s slightly wrong don’t worry we can still check all permutations. If it’s on false or stolen plates then that can lead us to the scene of the plate theft on somebody’s driveway where they have cctv etc etc.

Our policing focus continues to be informed by engagement with you, keep talking to us and sign up to Neighbourhood Link to reply directly to your neighbourhood team and provide feedback via surveys

Paul KEAR  Sergeant 923.

Neighbourhood Policing Sergeant

Melton and Rutland NPA alternately
Leicestershire Police

Lowell North Beat

Great Casterton – theft of cement mixer (no description) between 12 noon 17.3 and 9.30am 19.3.21 from garden in Old Great North Road.  Value £90. Fifteen arrests were made following an operation in Leicester aimed at locating foreign national offenders wanted by police and other organisations.

Fifteen arrests made during operation aimed at locating foreign national offenders | Leicestershire Police (

Rutland County Council COVID info, advice, and support.

COVID-19: Community information, advice and support hub | Rutland County Council


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