Community Safety Information for 4 days ending 23.4.21

Crime is the responsibility of the whole community. Rutland has one of the lowest crime rates in the country. If you have any information relating to crime or suspicious behaviour, please dial 101 and pass it to your local Beat Officer.

North Beat

Egleton, Theft of a cycle about 5.45pm 18.4.21 from outside the public toilets at the Bird Watching Centre, Hambleton Road. Stolen a mountain/cross country bike. No further description at present.

Please carry a form of security that you can quickly use when you have to leave your cycle even for just a few minutes. Given the price of a cycle now it is sensible to invest in a good security device. Please take a photograph of your machine, and the serial number you can give to the Police if it is stolen.

Tinwell — burglary business, about 10.30am 21.4.21 , from outside a barn in Steadfold Lane. Padlock to farmyard cut with bolt croppers and a trailer and 2 pony traps stolen (no ponies taken). No further description.

South Beat

Edith Weston – theft of cement mixer between 12 midnight and 4am 23.4.21 from trailer attached to vehicle parked in King Edward’s Way. Stolen One Belle Cement mixer (model not known) with words written on top “1 lime 2 x builder sand’. Value approx. E450.

Appeal to identify man following burglary in Leicester.

Appeal to identify man following burglary in Leicester I Leicestershire Police (

Crime Prevention.

Whatever type of property you have that has value to you, if you would like it returned when stolen, you must be able to inform the Police of the serial number. If it hasn’t got one please mark it in some way you can recognise and photograph it. Frequently Police arrest persons for theft/burglary /handling stolen property and have to let the ‘thief’ go because they cannot identify the owner of the property they believe has been stolen.

How would you mark the items stolen in this report. Building and equestrian equipment are regularly stolen. Please help the Police to help you.

Ruthven Horne.

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