Community Safety report for 6 days ending 12.11.21 Oakham Beat.

dyspeptically Theft of building material from construction site in Cold Overton Road buy priligy australia , between 2.10pm-2.20pm 8.11/.21.  Stolen heating cylinder and drainage materials.  Value approx. £200.

North Beat.

Ryhall – Theft of trailer(locked) from New Road, between 12 noon8.11 and 1pm 9.11.21.  Value £150.

Whitwell – Attempted theft of second-hand cooking oil from the side of the Whitwell Arms PH, Main Street, about 8.35am 10.11.21.  Male, driving a white Transit type van.  Attempted to pass himself off as employee of Olleko.  This was the second case on the same date.

If you have a catering business or have arrangements for used oil to be purchased, please be aware there is someone attempting to exploit these arrangements.


South Beat

Ketton – Theft from a van parked in driveway in Bartles Hollow.  Locked rear doors forced and tools to value £4000 stolen.  No description available at this time.

Uppingham Beat.

Nothing appropriate reported.


Rutland has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.  Crime is the responsibility of the whole community.  Please play your part by installing crime prevention measures, and if you have any information relating to a crime or anti-social behaviour, please pass it to your local Beat Officer.


Ruthven Horne.

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