Crime Update.

North Beat.

Exton.  Criminal damage to vision/gauge element of oil storage tank at dwelling in Stamford Road, between 8.10 and 29.10.18.

NB.  As winter approaches oil stores are topped up and we can expect a series of thefts from domestic oil tanks. This may be the start of a series of attacks on domestic heating oil stocks.  Please consider your security by looking under ‘Crime Prevention’ heading on our website under Heating oil theft.

Whissendine.  Burglary dwelling Whissendine Road, between 8.50am and 12.50pm 31.10.18 (Wed).  Entry by climbing onto flat roof, smash bedroom window.  Untidy search upstairs.  Not yet known what stolen.

Langham.  Theft of smartphone (recovered minus cover) between 12 noon and 4.38pm, 31.10.18 (Wed), from Rutland Garden Centre, Ashwell Road.

South Beat.

Uppingham area.  Building site for 6 homes in Leicester Road overnight 25/26.10.18 (Thurs/Frid).  Force metal fencing from wall, enter site smash windows and doors to enter 6 homes in course construction.  6 boilers stolen (£3000), damage est £3000.  Clearly a vehicle used, probably a van.

Belton in Rutland.  Theft of trailer from premises set back from New Road, between 3.30pm 11.10 and 8pm 26.10.18.  Stolen a small Ifor Williams P6 750kg trailer bearing rear plate **13GOJ.  Serial number known.

Barrowden.  Theft of power tools from motor vehicle, Kings Lane between 4pm-4.10pm 29.10.18 (Monday).  Whilst owner taking property into home returns to find person removing power tools from rear vehicle.  Stolen Metabo make S1 angle grinder, disc and battery (value £310).  Suspect white male 30-40 years, wearing jeans grey baseball cap and jacket.  Got into grey Toyota Avencis (driver in vehicle) and drove off.

There have been many such crimes please be on lookout for grey Avencis, if seen loitering in questionable circumstances, do not approach but take index number and pass (tel 101) to police Rutland quoting Operation Pioneer.

Uppingham Beat.

Uppingham.  Burglary dwelling overnight 30/31.10.18 (Tues/Wed) two adjacent houses Firs Avenue.  Entry at rear force plastic panel in rear door.  Stolen Ted Baker watch and bottle Jim Beam whiskey.


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