Doorstop Tea-towel sellers.

On Tuesday evening 12th February, a pair of unduly persistent young men with North East accents (said to be from Middlesborough), visited most houses in Main Street, Belmersthorpe, area trying to sell tea-towels, dusters etc.

Most of these itinerant sellers, usually men, operate in teams and are usually dropped off from a mini bus, are illegal (they should have a pedlars certificate from their local Chief Cconstable in this case Teeside Police).  It is strongly suspected the visits are used as a means of checking an area for later criminality.  Whilst it must always be your decision, you are strongly urged not to buy items.  Ask to see a pedlers certificate and read it, they often produce any card.

Should you see the men using a vehicle, please obtain the index number and pass it to the local Police.  On this occasion a white minibus van was seen nearby.  The number has been taken and passed to local Police.


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