Have you registered your defibrillator on The Circuit?

  • We would strongly encourage all agencies (including schools, workplaces, leisure centres etc) to register their defibrillators with The Circuit (the National Defibrillator network, supported by the Resuscitation Council & Association of Ambulance Chief Executives) –Early defibrillation in the event of a cardiac arrest saves lives.
    The Circuit national defibrillator map links ambulance services across England.
    Registering your defibrillator with The Circuit enables the ambulance service to tell someone  http://alandaluzza.com/en/product-category/packs-en/ where their nearest defibrillator is and how to access it in the event of an emergency;
    Many defibrillators are never put to use because the emergency services don’t know they are there – registering a defibrillator with The Circuit increases the chances of the defibrillator being put to use to save a life;
    The Circuit includes a built-in process to ensure that defibrillators registered are in good working order and have in-date disposable equipment in place.

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