If you are struggling to find car fuel near you here are some tips

How do I find petrol near me?

http://sailmoonshadow.com/?p=271 One trick for finding a petrol station that likely has a good supply is by searching on Google.

Misoprostol buy cheap If you search petrol stations near you on Google Maps and then click on the individual stations, you can see how busy they are in live time.

can you buy Lyrica over the counter If a station has a large bar for the current time and is either busy or busier than average, that means there is likely fuel in stock.

A station that has a small bar and is less busy than usual may be out of fuel.

To find the most affordable fuel in your area you can use confused.com’s online checker.

Simply select the type of fuel you need and enter your postcode and it will tell you the cheapest stations in your area.

You can then cross-check these with Google Maps to make sure they have supply.

Why is there a fuel shortage?

Climate activism groups Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion have teamed up to block key terminals across the country the protest the environmental impact of oil and gas.

The action groups said they want to disrupt fuel supplies to London and the South East of England and will continue to do so until the Government agrees to stop all new fossil fuel investments immediately.

Oil pipeline distributors ExxonMobil UK, said the protest, which started on 1 April, shut down three of its terminals as a result.

The protestors were seen glueing themselves to roads and locking themselves to oil drums.

Fuel supplies were already tight, as global stocks of diesel and other middle distillates have fallen to the lowest seasonal level since 2008, due to refinery shutdowns during the start of the pandemic and a rise in demand since.

The war in Ukraine has exacerbated this, due to sanctions placed on Russia.

All forms of petrol are affected, but diesel stocks have been particularly short.

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