In light of the recent spate of burglaries – A few ideas for deterring burglars Here are a few things that may help to deter burglars – links included but they are not recommendations but simply for illustration purposes

Luton Fake TV – a gizmo that shows subtle lighting that replicates the constantly changing glow of your television set

  • Creates the illusion that someone is sitting at home watching television
  • A good home security deterrent, intruders/burglars see the realistic TV simulation of random/unpredictable colour and light level changes
  • Built-in light sensors with 5 settings: On, Dusk +2 hours Dusk +4 hours, Dusk +6 hours and off.
  • Small & effective – Easy to use straight out of the box – Can be simply placed on a window sill or shelf – can also be wall-mounted
  • Very low energy consumption – 2 Watts power usage the same as a night light. LED life reaches up to 30000 hours – 18-month guarantee, Eco friendly

You can get them pretty much anywhere but here’s a link to one from Amazon

How about a timer switch for your fake tv or lamps – this one is digital and therefore no ticking sound

  • FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING- Up to 20 ON/OFF settings, programmed differently for different days of the week, ON/OFF AUTO ON/OFF DST modes, totally 5 modes to meet your daily schedule
  • EASY TO PROGRAM-The timer is straightforward to program, Daylight saving time mode could be activated by pressing the clock button for 3 seconds
  • BATTERY BACKUP- Rechargeable built-in battery backup retains the programming even in a power outage and protects you from the trouble of reprogramming
  • ENERGY SAVING- Automatically turn on/off lamp, coffeemaker Christmas lights, humidifiers, aquarium, fish tank and other appliances as your scheduled to save money from excessive use of electricity in the house as well as streamline your daily routines
  • QUIET & RELIABLE- No ticking or humming noises like a mechanical timer, ideal for indoor locations listed, one-year warranty provided

That mirror in your hallway – does it show anyone outside the door whether your alarm is armed or not?

That bin outside your gates – how close is it and would it enable someone to climb over the gates?

Have you left any garden tools around that could assist a burglar in either prying windows or climbing ladders to an upper open window?

Do you engage your window locks all the time?

Do you keep your hedges trimmed?  If not they or shrubs may be offered a safe and secluded place to break in.

Do you leave a wireless on when you go out?

Do you leave your car keys within easy reach and in plain sight near a door?  More them to a secure location.  Burglars often steal cars.

Do you leave your house keys on the inside of a door?  Burglars will always check and incidentally, that pot near the door is no place for a spare key.

Go out and look at your home from the street to see the potential vulnerabilities.

Burglars will often force a rear door or window.

Fit outside lighting – solar is easy to fit – led movement-sensitive.. wired fittings are also inexpensive

If your car is automatic ignition please purchase an inexpensive case to protect it when not in use (or simply wrap it in aluminium foil) so criminals cannot steal the code from outside your home and burgle your car.


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