Inspector 4345 Danvers NPA Commander Melton & Rutland

Firstly can I thank you all for your community engagement? Many of you have fed back around your priorities through neighbourhood link. We are already working to address the priorities raised around ASB, drugs, rural crime and speeding. As the inspector in charge of overseeing policing in Rutland, can I just give you an update as to where we are with speeding?  We have already undertaken a number of policing operations and will continue to do so. In July we implemented a police operation using force motorcyclists over a number of weekends to help tackle the issue of speeding motorcyclists at weekends.   I have linked in with the Road Safety Partnership  Safety Camera Van to seek to maximise their time spent in Rutland and ensure they focus on locations that matter to the local community. In October they deployed to over 19 locations paying 22 visits   – 120 speeding offences detected. The locations included Morcott, Manton, Preston, Ketton. On September 18 different sites were visited and 220 offences detected. In addition, my officers are enforcing locally using the Speed guns, Essendine, Braunston, Stretton, Langham. Not just the local neighbourhood officers, PC Appleton and PC Icke, but officers from the response. On Thursday just gone,  response officers were out enforcing. We are also focussing on the education side of speeding. Community Speedwatch has been a victim of covid. But will be implemented next year.  Our Road Safety Partnership has also been working with biker groups trying to educate them around the impact and consequences of their bike use in rural communities. We are listening and responding to your community concerns around speeding.

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