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Keep Safe Places

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What is a Keep Safe Place?

Keep Safe Places are places that help people feel safer when they are out and about in the community knowing there is somewhere to go for help if they need it.

The Keep Safe Places project is known all over the country. It aims to help people feel confident and safe.

People can sometimes become targets for bullying and can feel intimidated and frightened when they leave their home. In some cases this can prevent them from going out.

Who can use a Keep Safe Place?

Anyone can use a Keep Safe Place. If you feel unsafe, upset, scared or just need some help.

How can a Keep Safe Place help you?

The staff at a Keep Safe Place can help you in a number of ways, including:

  • Offer you a place of safety
  • Offer you a place to calm down
  • Help you make a phone call to a friend, relative or carer
  • Make a phone call for you
  • Call the Police or another emergency service to help

Where are Rutland’s Keep Safe Places?

There are more than 15 different Keep Safe Places in the County, including local libraries, pubs, cafes and shops.

See the following documents for full details:


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