Latest on Rural Crime and Farming Equipment Thefts which includes Heritage Crime – (the lead off your Church Roof!)

In order to tackle Rural Crime and Farming Equipment Thefts, we are constantly working with the Leicestershire Police Wildlife Unit to increase our understanding of the issue, identify ways to prevent these instances occurring and allocate extra resources where necessary. Most of the Rutland beat team are “Wildlife Trained” officers (and those that aren’t yet will be) and as such have a healthy understanding of and vested interest in these issues. We also work with Lincolnshire Police sharing intelligence and undertaking initiatives to ensure we have the most up-to-date and relevant information to help us identify and apprehend criminals where possible. We are already working with our key partners as part of the Safety Rutland Partnership (SRP) who have a priority that focuses on reducing crimes and this includes rural, and heritage crime.

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