Local crime alert – Fraud!

Unfortunately we have had another case of Fraud involving one of our local residents who has had a substantial amount of money taken.

The victim received 2 calls on his mobile phone from a number which he recognised as the customer service number for his bank.  On answering his mobile a male with a Scottish accent informed the victim that his accounts had been potentially used and that he would call him back on his landline.  The same male then called him back on his landline which made him feel even more so that this was a genuine call as he did not provide his landline number.

The male then persuaded the victim to transfer the money into a numbered bank account. He then asked the victim to transfer further monies into another account by going into his local branch, which he agreed to do.  It was only once the victim attended his local branch that staff made him aware that this was not correct.

Please give this alert the widest possible coverage and help prevent and further losses.

Message Sent By
Will Ryan (Police, Enquiry Officer, Rutland)

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