Local Crime Brief and Scams update


Local Crime Alert

Since the last Neighbourhood watch brief we have had one report of theft from a vehicle in Aldgate, Ketton. Unknown person(s) have smashed offside rear window and taken property. This incident occurred between 20/03/2018 07:00 & 20/03/2018 14:25.

One report of criminal damage to a vehicle in Melton Rd, Oakham. Unknown person(s) have pulled the entire plastic casing off of the wing mirror. This incident occurred between 24/03/2018 23:45 & 25/03/2018 03:40.

There have been 3 boats broken into over the past few days having been stored at Rutland Water Sports in Whitwell. Please ensure that if you have a boat stored there, it has adequate security fitted.


Beat Surgery at The Noel PH, Whitwell on 27th March between 18:30 & 19:30.

Beat Surgery at Uppingham Library on 13th April between 10:00 & 11:00.

Beat Surgery at the Café Nero, Oakham on 18th April between 14:00 & 15:00.

Beat Surgery at the Empingham Methodist Church on 23rd April between 14:00 & 15:00.

Latest News

Beat Update

Oakham & Barleythorpe – Officers from Rutland are continuing to use ANPR and targetted patrols to deal with burglaries, I would encourage people to check their security systems and remember to lock your doors when leaving for the house.

Eight scams to watch out for in 2018 

  1. Social media spying. People might not realise how much information they are giving away, but to a fraudster the posts can be very helpful in setting up a scam.
  2. Malicious software on smartphones. It is expected that malware or malicious software threats will grow among mobile devices.
  3. Bogus Brexit investments. Consumers should be wary of fake investment opportunities. For example, fraudsters may email customers, warning Brexit will affect their savings, and that they urgently need to move them into a seemingly plausible, but actually fake, investment product.
  4. Fraudsters preying on World Cup excitement. Some fraudsters will sell football tickets that are either fake or will never arrive. It is also expected that “package trips” will be offered by fake travel companies. Always buy tickets from a reputable source.
  5. Money mules. Mule recruiters may trawl social media for potential targets, particularly cash-strapped students in university towns, and use them to inadvertently launder money. Money mules receive the stolen funds into their account, they are then asked to withdraw it and send the money to a different account, often one overseas, keeping some of the money for themselves.
  6. Wedding excitement. Experts fear couples could be easy prey for fraudsters who tempt victims with extravagant offers at bargain prices. Fraudsters can set up fake websites for elements of the big day like venue hire, catering, or wedding dresses that appear very realistic. Fake wedding planners will take people’s money and then disappear.
  7. Romance scams. Criminals create fake profiles to form a relationship with their victims. They use messaging to mine victims’ personal details to use for identity fraud. Or, just when the victim thinks they have met the perfect partner the fraudsters asks them for money.
  8. Scams aimed at first-time buyers. Computer hackers monitor emails sent by a solicitor to a first-time buyer and then they pounce, pretending to be the solicitor and telling them the solicitors’ bank account details have changed in order to steal cash.

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