Local Crime Update – 7 days ending 31.5.19.

NB: Under the Data Protection Act, we are advised we should not usually identify, or provide information that can easily identify an individual. In such cases part information will be omitted e.g. an asterisk may be used in place of one letter of a suspect vehicle.

Oakham Beat.  PC 1312 Lloyd.

Theft of Rockhopper mountain bike, from Melton Road (Oakham Town end), between 5pm-11pm 24.5.19 (Fri), blue and yellow wheels and frame, wide saddle (memory foam), bend in rear gear, wheel bearings going on the back wheel. Special edition estimated value £550.

Rutland North Beat.  PC 1742 Appleton.

Langham – Criminal damage to motor vehicle, between 9am 24.5. and 8.15am 25.5.19 (Fri/Sat).  Sharp object run down entire length passenger side whilst parked overnight in visitor’s car park in Lonsborough Gardens.

Exton – Theft of approximately 20 pigs over a one-week period (21.5. to 29.5.19), from The Avenue.  Pigs only recently bought; one was unable to walk.

Rutland South Beat – PC2113 Icke.

Ketton – Criminal damage to 4 tyres (two on two separate cars) in Wootton Close.  About 1.50am 27.5.19 (Mon) suspect seen to puncture the tyres.  If you saw anything suspicious personally, or you have recognisable images on CCTV, please contact PC Icke quoting crime reference 19*272852.

Uppingham Beat – PC2988 Ace.

Theft of front and rear number plates from vehicle parked in lay by in Castle Close, between 5.30pm 28.5 and 4am 29.5.19.  Index numbers FP16 WF*.

Theft of motor vehicle parked in Leicester Road, between 11pm 28.5 and 6.30am 29.5.19  (Tue/Wed). Stolen Mercedes CL220 AMG line Premium, 2 litre, blue grey Index P321 TJ*.  Believed stolen by keyless digital relay.  Car locked and one key in ‘Faraday’ pouch, but second key exposed on dresser.  Remember to put BOTH keys in pouch.  They can be purchased cheaply from Amazon, Halfords or similar.

If you saw two men behaving suspiciously in Leicester Road, or have recognisable images on a CCTV, probably in the early hours of Wednesday morning please dial 101 and pass the information to the Crime Investigation Unit quoting Crime Ref 19*275335.

NB: Over the last two or three months the most common offences have been theft of or from motor vehicles using the digital relay system for cars (see above), that have a fob instead of a key, or the theft of number plates. This might seem relatively minor, but it can cause considerable inconvenience either replacing them or when they had been used in crime by the thieves.

Please get a Faraday Pouch (£5?) and use it and get security screws from the Police (ring beat officer) and get them fitted.  The thieves will go to the next car which doesn’t have them fitted.

Russ Horne

Volunteer Director

Rutland Neighbourhood Watch Association.

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