Local Crime Update for Rutland – last 7 days ending 25.8.19.

NB : Under the Data Protection Act, we are advised we should not usually identify, or provide information that can easily identify an individual. In such cases part information will be omitted e.g. an asterisk may be used in place of one letter of a suspect vehicle.

Oakham Beat.

Oakham – theft from lorry parked Stamford Road roundabout, between 2am-7.30am 19.8.19 (Mon). 7 small holes cut in lorry curtain before lock removed from rear door and 7 pallets of glass and copper bathroom fitting removed.  Estimate value not known.

North Beat.

Ashwell – theft of vehicle from Unit at Ashwell Business Park, Ashwell Road, between 19.6. and 19.8.19.  Stolen Vintage VW Camper van, metallic green and white top, index AML360T.  EV £9000.  Vehicle awaiting work when removed.

See photos of vehicle on site below.  Unlike the photos, the model has a VW badge on the; front this was removed to prevent theft.


Ryhall – Criminal Damage/Arson, 14 acres of Spring barley destroyed by fire in Little Casterton Road 8.15pm 19.8.19 (Mon).  3 children seen running away from scene.

Langham – Vehicle crime, Burley Road, between 6pm 19.8 and 8.50am 20.8.19 (Mon/Tues). Various parts stolen from a Land Rover Defender: two front doors, rear door, part of passenger seat and bonnet.

Nothing appropriate for circulation on South or Uppingham Beat.

If you have any information (CCTV?) about any of the crimes outlined, please contact your local Beat Officer or Crime Desk by telephoning 101.

Leicestershire Police – Good News.

Convictions for ATM attacks.


Proceeds of Crime – Repayment Order.

After being imprisoned for a combined total of 70 years in 2018 for dealing cocaine between the East Midlands and Dewsbury, a gang of 10 were further ordered to repay £1m+ under the Proceeds of Crime Act in recent judgements at the Leicester Crown Court.

Police seized: cash, large amounts of Premium Bonds, expensive watches, car and off-road motorcycles, personalised number plates and a number of digital devices; they were able to demonstrate these were purchased by the criminal profits of drug dealing.

Should those in prison fail to pay the Orders, the debt remains on their assets and/or they are likely to serve further time inside.


Russ Horne

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