Local Crime Update from Rutland NHW

Local Crime Update – 7 days ending 27.3.19.

Oakham Beat.

Theft of number plates 60E*X, from a vehicle parked in The Vale, overnight between 1-7am 22.3.19. If you see a vehicle bearing these plates, please report to Police by tel 999.

Burglary non-dwelling, at Long Row overnight 21/22.3.19.  Entry by climbing fences and scaling pallets.  Seen acting suspiciously in vicinity Audi car index EN 52L*K, containing 3 east European males.  If vehicle was seen, do not approach, please inform Police by tel 101 quoting crime ref 19*145845.

Burglary non-dwelling Admiral Hornblower, High Street, between 1-6am 22.3.19, stolen 4 bottles of spirits and a large bag of promotional craft beers and lagers.

Grievous bodily harm Westgate about 2 am 24.3.19 (Sun).  Male tries to stop fight is punched in the face, falling banging head on ground fracturing skullSuspect believed in Bills Bar earlier described as white male, about 24 yrs, 5’11”-6’, brown hair short at sides longer on top, dark facial stubble, muscular build.  Looks as though he ‘works out’.

Any information as to identity please tel 101 quoting Cr 19*150157.

Criminal damage to windows The Three Crowns Northgate, approx. 1.30am 25.3.19 (Mon).  Large rocks thrown through the windows.  Reason not known.

Theft from store at Westgate, 1pm 26.3.19 (Tues).  Male and female suspects enter store, female removes microwave and hand blender walks out without paying and hands property  to second female outside.  First female re-enters store and with male suspect remove 6 large Easter eggs and a food mixer.  Both leave store without paying.  Selections suggest theft to order.  Suspects (1) white female, est. 30 years, approx. 5’5”, hair pony tail col ginger/red.  (2) Outside female early 20’s, floral print dress under summer coat, looked thinly built, hair in bun.  (3) Male, late 30’s, stocky build, dark hair, short thinning on top.

Any info to identify suspects tel on 101 to Oakham Police quoting Crim 19*153609.

Burglary non-dwelling Travis Perkins Station Approach Industrial Estate, approx. 11.30pm 24.3.19 (Sun),  Entry by scaling ladder and cutting hole in roof.  Not known what stolen.  Any info on anyone behaving suspiciously please tel Oakham Police on 101 and quote 19*154286.

Rutland North Beat.

Whissendine – 5 cases of Theft/attempt from vehicles in Foxhill (3), and Ashwell Close (2), overnight 19/20/3.19.  All secure, no indication of method of entry.  Stolen small sums of cash and Barclaycard stolen, latter used to debit £700 from account.  All cases believed linked.

2 men heard talking about 3 am, near Foxhill theft. Anyone in area with CCTV please check area for 2 or 3 men and a vehicle.  Any info to Police at Oakham quoting 19*141183/141648/141654,142210 and 142615.

Greetham/Market Overton/Exton – Theft of number plates (i) FP 59D*H from Church Lane (ii) AJ 05B*X Bowling Green Lane, and (iii) AK 19 Z*Z, The Green, between 20.3 and 24.3.19.  If you see a vehicle bearing these plates, please report by tel Police by 999.

Langham – Attempt theft from vehicleRuddle Way, overnight 19/20.3.19.  Left unlocked searched, nothing believed stolen.

Cottesmore – Attempted theft from motor vehicleMain Street between 9.50am and 9.55am 23.3.19.

Whissendine – theft from Ford 4×4 motor vehicle locked and secured in communal car park, Sherrard Close,12 Makita power tools and a quantity of Stanley and Parker socket sets.  It is hoped serial numbers may be obtained for the power tools.  If you see similar being offered for sale locally or at Car Boot Sales, please pass info by tel 101 to PC 1742 Appleton on North Beat.

Empingham –  theft from motor vehicleExton Road, between 1.15pm-1.45pm 24.3.19 (Sun), purse and log book under seat.  Registration doc for FE 58O*O.

Greetham – theft of diesel from lorryGreat North Roadovernight 25/26.3.19.

Ryhall – burglary dwelling, The Square, between 1.1.19  and 26.3.19, locked garage entered, no sign forced entry, stolen 3 commercial power tools and one generator.  Other items details, not yet known.

Rutland South Beat.

Glaston – theft of work tools from vehicle parked outside home Park Cottages, Main Road, between 9 pm 21st and 1 pm 22.3.19.   Power and hand tools stolen, details await.

Belton in Rutland – attempt theft from motor vehicle, Parkfield House, boot found open inside searched. Times not known, nature of any items stolen not yet known.

Wardley –  burglary dwelling, Main Road, between 5.45pm and 7.45pm 26.3.19 (Tues).  Conservatory window smashed, key located inside, entry gained to house.  Not known what has been stolen.

Uppingham Beat.

Uppingham – theft of number plates BT 65P*K from motor vehicle,  Firs Avenue, during evening of 24.3.19 (Sun).

NB: In case of vehicle numbers where an asterisk is inserted, this number is known but Data Protection means we cannot circulate it without specific Police permission.

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