Microchipped and spayed missing cat – substantial reward – have you seen her – do you know where she may be


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Mitzie Mousetrousers chipped and spayed adopted as a kitten and taken on 25th September 2018 from her garden in Rutland on the Leicestershire and Northampton border. Very loving. Very chatty. She captured our hearts. 7000 leaflets through doors over 5000 posters all over the county many times, vets for 30 miles notified. Very distinctive white bib and cheeks white up the nose between the eyes to a delicious little orange patch of fur. White socks bigger at the back than the front and white on her tummy. Pink nose. Pink pads on her paws but a centre black pad on a rear paw. Our days now start with tears as we go through the national sites such as deceased cats bless them, then all the ones taken into shelters, then all the ones missing all over the country, followed by all the ones found all over the country.  We leave no stone unturned
Every local report if an rta of a tabby cat we go identify if not her and take to the vets to be checked. One such poor kitty found in our village was the cat of a neighbour had been lost for two years and yet still within the village and fed by someone who never had it checked for its chip, somewhere within touching distance. So Mitzie may be near or she may be far but she has captured our hearts and we will never stop looking. Very substantial reward. If you see a cat that fits this description please get them chip checked if they look lost or stolen. It could be her. Call anytime 07836329539 or pm

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