There have been several reports of Cold Calling recently by companies offering/selling burglar alarms. Please see below for advice on how to select an alarm installer.

How to select an alarm installer

There are many installers in the alarm industry therefore we suggest that you have at least three quotations from reputable installers and choose a system that suits you and your family’s lifestyle.

The police do not recommend any particular alarm company. If you require a monitored alarm system, then ensure the installer is a current member of a recognised trade association, such as SSAIB or NSI (NACOSS).

Consult your insurance company, they may recommend particular companies and offer a discount on house contents insurance, but remember the cheapest quotation is not always the best option.

Beware of alarm companies who cold call, either door to door or by telephone, as some of them may use high pressure sales methods and also charge inflated prices. They also may offer monitoring that is not recognised by the police. A monitored alarm system which attracts police response will be issued with a unique reference number (URN). Ensure that any installer you choose is a member of one of the alarm industry’s Inspectorate.

Study the installation contract carefully before signing it to determine whether you will own or rent the system once it has been installed and what the maintenance agreement includes and costs.

Make sure that the company you choose offers a short training session to show you how the system works. British Standards requires that there is a ‘hand over’ period in which the alarm company makes the user familiar with the system’s operation and also that they can offer a back-up service for routine maintenance or faults to your system.

A good installation should cause no damage or mess to your decor and the wiring should be easily concealed.

Further advice can be found on the link below:

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