Northamptonshire Police Request – help to Identify Stolen Caravans and Quad bike.

Have you had your caravan, quad bike or miscellaneous white goods stolen?

Northamptonshire Police trying to trace the owners of suspected stolen property seized in a raid in July at an illegal caravan site near Market Harborough.

Detective Chief Inspector Andrew Rogers appealed for help to identify the property much of which is suspected of being from the surrounding areas of Leicestershire (and Rutland). If you have any information please contact the Northamptonshire Police

Officers seized eight of the 10 caravans parked at the illegal Justin Park site, Northampton Road; they also seized a leaf blower, a generator, various white electrical goods and a quad bike, which are believed to have been stolen from the local area and various police force areas.

Excellent work.  These are not easy cases to deal with, but until the property is identified it is only half done.  Please help the Police, by contacting Northamptonshire Police quoting DCI Rogers and the nature of the incident.


Russ Horne.

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