Notes of AGM to RNHW

  A.G.M.  2019 Agenda 1.  Apologies 2.  Minutes of 2018 AGM 3.  Financial Report & Proposed Budget (DW) 4.  Election of Board Members 5.  Revised Legal Status 6.  Election of CIO Trustees 7.  A.O.B. Revised Legal Status •  Proposal: •  To change RNHWA’s legal status from  Company to CIO •  To remove RNHWA from the Company Register •  To close the RNHWA company bank account and open a new CIO bank account •  To appoint Trustees to the new CIO Notes of the Annual General Meeting of the Rutland Neighbourhood Watch Association. Held in the Rutland County Council, Council Chamber, Catmose Street, Oakham, LE15 6HW.  7pm-9.5pm, 13th June, 2019.  Present: Adrian Gombault (AG) Chair, Ruthven Horne (RH), Sian Dawson (SD) … Continue reading Notes of AGM to RNHW