Potential Telephone call scam alert

Recent Courier Scam BEWARE

Elderly lady receives a call from scammers pretending to be a PC Clark from Essex Police.

They said her debit card has been cloned and they had arrested the suspect.

They asked for the ladies bank balance then asked her to withdraw a large amount of cash for evidence.

To confirm this was a genuine call, the scammers asked the lady to leave the line open and to dial 999, which obviously went direct back to the scammers.

The lady was then instructed to go to her bank and withdraw the money. The scammers said detectives were watching her.

The lady was advised not to leave fingerprints on the money.

On her return home she was asked to put the money in a gift bag and sellotape the top.

She was then told a courier would pick the money up that evening and given a description a female who would collect the money

The money was then collected as arranged.

The male scammer had an English accent and sounded like he came from the Midlands.

The scammer called again the following day and asked if the lady would like to help them out with another job. The request was declined.

Please give this message the widest possible circulation.

For detailed information on how to avoid scams please visit the link below:










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