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  • Resilient Rutland newsletter May 2020
    This week is Mental Health Awareness Week hosted by the Mental Health Foundation. The theme this
    year is kindness and in these challenging times this has never been more important.
    We know from research that kindness and our mental health are deeply connected. Simple acts of
    kindness can shape and totally transform someone’s day. It can be a smile, a gesture, or someone asking
    if you are OK and genuinely wanting to know your answer. The research also shows that kindness
    reduces stress, brings a fresh perspective, and deepens friendships. Kindness to yourself is equally
    important, good, and bad days will come and we must remember that we are all doing our best.
    There are a number of kindness activities that we are sharing in the community and it was fantastic to
    hear our very own Lyn Harte on Rutland Radio and Lincs FM spreading the word.
    So, our message this month is stay kind to yourself and others, and if you have any particular challenges
    or areas where we can assist please get in touch.
    Primary resources
    As part of our project we had already allocated £400 of funds for each primary school to access resources
    to support mental health and well-being. The exact nature of the resources will vary from school to
    school according to their individual needs, and we are following guidelines from the Lottery on what
    can be included. Requests are coming in from schools and we will work to ensure that these are turned
    around as quickly as possible.
    Arts and craft packs for primary families
    We are very open to considering new initiatives that offer
    immediate support.
    We are pleased to report that we are now funding over 200 arts
    and crafts packs to families with children at our primaries. The aim
    is to ensure all young people have access to creative materials so
    that they can join in and make things.
    Packs will be delivered directly to schools who will then distribute.
    Big thank you to our 10-year-old volunteer Emily who has helped
    organise these.
    We are very much looking forward to seeing some photos!
    In-school counselling
    Relate Leicestershire is continuing to provide telephone counselling where appropriate. Sessions have
    been increased slightly and we will continue to monitor waiting lists with each of our schools.
    Bereavement counselling
    Resilient Rutland has a ring-fenced fund to support bereavement counselling and support. If any of your
    young people are in need of this service, please let us know.
RR Newsletter May 20 final
Resources including a returning to school activity
We continue to add to our website resources section which
offers a range of support including the topics returning to school
and worry resolution.
Follow Resilient Rutland on social media as we will be sharing all
useful articles and activities on our Facebook page and via
We are trying to reach as many people in Rutland as possible so
if you could share this information that would be very much
Thank you to Paula Reeves from Brooke Hill Academy and our
Rutland and National ELSAs for their ongoing support and
Resilient Moves campaign
As we mentioned in last month’s newsletter, we have been creating activities for schools and families
to share called Resilient Moves. These are taken from the resilience framework
and help us to embed resilience and wellbeing into our daily lives.
Coming soon is our Resilient Moves calendar, where each month we will share daily activities to look at
the value of basics, belonging, learning, coping, and core-self in growing our understanding of resilience
every day. In June’s calendar we are looking at coping which continues to be so particularly important,
as we manage together with lockdown and a phased return for some children to school. Do follow us
on Twitter and Facebook.
The voice of young people
We are hoping to gain the input of young people to our Resilient Moves calendar. There are several
opportunities for engagement, and we would welcome schools to retweet and comment on these and
share pupil contributions. We are also in contact with Young Health Watch Rutland and look forward to
working together.
HeadStart Blackpool and HeadStart Newham
Our collaboration with HeadStart Newham and HeadStart Blackpool continues and we are sharing ideas,
experiences, and challenges on weekly virtual meetings. Although we may live in different parts of the
country, many challenges, and questions we are facing are remarkably similar, and it is wonderful to
have the opportunity to share and learn from other projects. Again, a big thank you to Blackpool and
Newham for taking the time to share with Rutland.
Virtual Coffee mornings for parents
As part of our work with Newham and Blackpool we were invited to join a parent’s virtual coffee
morning. We asked some of our local parents to take part and it was really great to hear comments
from across the country on how people are dealing with the current situation. We are pleased to report
that we are now going to trial this in Rutland.
RR Newsletter May 20 final
National Resource share
Following requests received on Twitter, this month Resilient Rutland has hosted two fantastic resource
share meetings via Zoom. Pastoral colleagues and ELSA’s from throughout the UK and Ireland have
come together to discuss challenges facing the mental health and wellbeing of our children as well as to
discuss support and the potential return to school. A group chat has been set up within Twitter to
enhance communication. This first group has a primary years focus and we have one for secondary
schools coming soon.
ELSA support network
We are delighted to have hosted two Zoom meetings to bring together the ELSAs of Rutland. This forum
has received excellent feedback and is a chance for ELSAs to talk together, offer support and share
resources to support the mental health and wellbeing of our young people. These meetings are
scheduled fortnightly and the next one is Wednesday 3rd June at 10 am. Do contact us if you wish to
be included.
There is also a Rutland ELSA Support Facebook page led by Paula Reeves at Brooke-Hill Academy and
currently there are 18 members. This is a closed group and allows resource share and collaboration –
you can request to join via Facebook.
Secondary support
We have been in close liaison with our secondary schools and are hosting individual meetings with
pastoral leads via zoom to discuss challenges at this time and how we can help.
Discussion has covered vulnerability identification of pupils to tier support during Covid and return, pupil
voice, counselling provision, sharing wellbeing resources, and next steps. Virtual training courses have
also been shared.
Some schools have also requested a community of practice forum to allow pastoral leaders to come
together and share strategy, support, and resources. This will be developed and interested schools from
beyond Rutland will also be invited.
Working with other agencies in Rutland
The current situation has encouraged local groups to work together even more and we are delighted to
be making new inroads into the Rutland network. We all have lots to share and this collaborative
approach is fantastic to disseminate resources and make the most of all opportunities and skills. We
have always had an open approach to communication and this has never been more important.
Please direct communications to Morag Tyler Tel: 07572 593 004 or Email:
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