Rise in Keyless Car Thefts.

Do you have a keyless car?  If so, please note insurers report car theft claims have increased by 20% in each of the last 4 years’, with keyless luxury or prestige cars from near to peoples’ homes making up the greater proportion.

Common theft methods are set out below.


The best way to prevent theft is keep your fob as far away from your car as possible, preferably in a metal lined Faraday bag, this prevents signals such as Bluetooth or wi-fi from being sent or received; credit cards can be similarly protected.

Faraday bags are between £5-10 and can be found by a simple internet search.

Owners should also ensure cars are double-locked and if vehicles have log-in details passwords are obscure and secret.  (Details behind the visor is not secret.)

Source Daily Telegraph and Leicestershire Police.

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