Rogue traders advice because they are active and could be in your, or your friends or families area

Following reports of possible rogue traders operating in the north of Lincoln we would like to ask for the public to be vigilant – please look out for your neighbours and report any suspicious circumstances. With lockdown restrictions limiting our contact with family and friends, it might be that people are more vulnerable and more isolated than normal.

The reports we have relate to offers of gardening work, external improvements to properties and driveways.

Spotting a rogue trader: some things to look out for

Has your neighbour, friend or relative:

*Had work done on their property or garden that wasn’t planned?
*Been pressured into additional work that has cost more money?
*Visited the bank or cash machine more than usual, or made any large online transfers?
*Not been given a detailed receipt for the work that has been done?
*Understood exactly what work is being completed?

Has the trader:

*Made contact by cold-calling the potential victim?
*Failed to provide a ‘right of cancellation’ notice?
*Returned to the property frequently to do other work or drop off other workers?
*Refused to speak to anyone other than the potential victim?
*Completed work to a poor standard or not completed work at all?
*Demanded to be paid in cash or a cheque made out to a different name?

If you have any information, or are concerned you, or someone you know, has been targeted by rogue traders, please call 101.

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