Rutland burglaries are few so don’t make your property an easy touch!

Please be aware there has very recently been a break-in at Wardley.  Late afternoon approaching evening is a popular time for burglaries.

These people are experienced and know what they are doing.  They watch a house and it’s occupants. their comings and goings.  When they are confident the house has been left and is empty they will approach and ring the bell to see if anyone answers.  When they are satisfied no one is around they will break a back window in the hope someone has left keys in the lock.  The keys are then fished out and the burglars let themselves in.

They are specifically looking for gold, jewellery and or cash.  They will start upstairs and make their way down.  They rarely take longer than 10 minutes.  Apart from the broken glass and doors and drawers left open, you wouldn’t know you have been burgled.

So let’s all make it as hard as we can.  DON’T leave keys indoors even if they are locked.  DON’T make it easy for them to get to the back of your house.  If you have a gate, lock it and DON’T leave anything by it that can be used to climb over.  DO be aware of any unknown cars in the area.  DO if you are going away for a length of time ask your neighbours to park their car on your drive.  DO use lamp timers.  DO chub lock your doors.  And most important if you go on holiday PLEASE DON’T close your curtains!

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