Rutland Crime Alerts 29.10.20.

Little Casterton – Main Street, 2.30-3pm 26.10.20 (Mon) Fraud.  A gardener leaving a client’s home in Little Casterton in his van was overtaken by another vehicle, which slowed in front of him and forced him to stop. The driver of the vehicle opened the rear door of the gardener’s van and put a generator and a power tool inside.  He then demanded payment from the gardener, who was frightened handed over the cash he had with him.

When the criminal demanded more, the victim drove to the home of a relative in Belmesthorpe, and secured more cash to give to the criminal, who then drove away.

Would anyone who has any information about this, or similar incidents please report to Leicestershire Police on Tel 101 for the information of PC 1742 Appleton, Oakham Police, preserving any CCTV or dashcam evidence.

The offending vehicle in this incident was a dark blue Vauxhall estate believed first letter ‘J’, 4 x 4 or similar.  It was driven by a large man having an Irish accent, there was a second male in the vehicle who did not get out.

We are advised to be wary of further incidents, especially any of us who conduct our trades using vans or similar vehicles.  Please also report immediately if you witness what you believe might be a similar incident in progress, including any details you can recall, especially car make, colour and registration number.

Info from Adrian Gombault (NHW) and PC 1742 Appleton.


Greetham – Suspected Illegal Immigrants.  29.10.20, morning, Police are searching for about 10 men, believed illegal immigrants seen in the Greetham area.  No further information at present.

If you see any groups of men (they may have split up) in the Greetham area, hiding or attempting to hitch a lift, please dial 999 and inform Police.  Incident currently being dealt with by PC 1742 Appleton Oakham Police.

Info PC 1742 Appleton.

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