Rutland Local Crime Update for 6 days ending 21.2.20.

NB : Under the Data Protection Act, we are advised we should not usually identify or provide information that can easily identify an individual. In such cases part information will be omitted e.g. an asterisk may be used in place of one letter of a suspect vehicle.

Oakham Beat.

Oakham – Theft of catalytic converter at communal car park, Lonsdale Park, Barleythorpe Road, between 3pm 10.2 and 1pm 13.2.20.  Usual MO roll under side of car and cut from exhaust with battery saw.

Oakham – Theft from parking meter, Burley Road Car Park between 4.30am-5am 15.2.20 (Sat) theft of £232.90 cash.

Oakham – Attempted theft from parking meter Church Street Car Park, between 4.30am-5am 15.2.20.  Bottom of pay machine drilled, nothing stolen, damage approx. £200.

Oakham – Criminal Damage, The Captain Noel Newton public house, 55, High Street, about 1.30am 16.2.20 (Sun).  Window smashed from outside, suspect cut hand.  Suspect group of males on rugby social who were evicted for throwing things around.  One wearing orange pullover, one wearing fluffy parka jacket.

Any info please contact Oakham Police quoting crime ref 20*090940.

Oakham- Theft of cycle from outside Chapman’s House, Kilburn Road between 3.30-3.45pm 19.2.20 (Wed) a Scott Aspect pedal cycle white and blue with black handlebars and a black baby seat holder clamped to seat pole.  Value approx. £500.

Oakham – Burglary residential, Mount Pleasant, Uppingham Road between 3.30-3.45pm 19.2.20.  Entry through insecure front door and steals handbag.  Contains keys, value and description of contents not yet known.

Rutland North Beat.

Ashwell – Criminal Damage at Rutland Garden Centre, Ashwell Road about 3.45pm 15.2.20.  Whilst parents shopping 2 youths aged 12-15 caused damage to two large rolls of bubble wrap and push over pots.  Awaits CCTV for descriptions.

Cottesmore – Theft of 700 litres of HGV fuel from vehicle parked overnight Greetham Road, between 10.10pm 14thand 9.10am 15.2.20.

Exton – Theft of two Apple iPhone chargers left in room at Barnsdale Hall Hotel, between 11am-2pm 16.2.20.  Cost £120, one still had wrapping on it.

Rutland South Beat.

Ketton – Attempted Courier fraud between 2.30-2.45pm 17.2.20.  Victim telephoned by person with West African accent, purporting to be DC Danson Hammersmith Police Station.  Said two youths arrested (Anthony Jacobs and Max Stuart) saying grandchildren of victim, who had 4 blank credit cards.  Caller then ‘waffled’ about spam online.  Victim suspicious said she wished to verify caller’s identity, started dialling on mobile and caller rang off.  Nothing stolen.

Circulated by National Action Fraud line, receiving many variations of ‘story’.  Do exactly as victim did.  Do not give any personal information.

Uppingham Beat.

Burglary residential – Uppingham Road, between 4pm 11th and 12 midnight 12.2.20.  Secure house in course of construction.  Tools and building materials stolen from ‘site safe secure storage unit’.  This was cut open with mechanical cutter.   Stolen copper pipe and fittings, electrical cable, 4 rolls of lead, and lots of tools marked Evans or John Brooks (JB).  Est value £10,000.

Theft of number plates from vehicle outside premises in Twitchbed Lane between 10.30am-12.30pm 15.2.20.  Number plates DY19 FCD found in field off Back Lane, Barrowden.


Russ Horne.

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