Rutland Local Crime Update for 6 days ending 31.10.20.

NB : Under the Data Protection Act, we are advised we should not usually identify or provide information that can easily identify an individual. In such cases, part information will be omitted, e.g. an asterisk may be used in place of one letter of a suspect vehicle.

Oakham Beat.

Oakham – Romance fraud, between 4.8.20 and 20.10.20, victim met suspect on Friends2App, later was asked to switch to ‘Hang Outs’.  Suspect posed as orthopaedic surgeon working for UN in Syria.  Requested money to buy him out of his contract, obtained £70,000.  All crime is painful, this is particularly so.

Prevention.  This may seem to take some of the romance out of the meeting, but this is an increasing problem.  These fraudsters are extremely plausible, they often create fake accounts with social media platforms so that their details can be searched and matched then spending time to build up ‘friendship’ and gather information.  They will utilise many accessible online research tools to explore people’s information.  Avoid sharing too many personal details; revealing your full name, date of birth, or full home address may lead to your identity being stolen.

How can you check if a person is real?  Ask to see a picture of them and then ask for them to send you another photo of themselves posing with their thumbs up or waving, like a form of two factor authentication this is hard to do if it’s not an original picture”

Never respond to any requests to send money, or have money transferred into your account by someone you don’t know and trust.  These types of requests should always raise a red flag.  If something feels wrong, then it is usually right to question it.

Pick a reputable dating website or app and use the built-in messaging service.  Fraudsters will try to quickly switch to social media or texting so there’s no evidence of them asking you for money.

Nothing appropriate for North Beat.

South Beat.

Normanton – Burglary commercial, between 5.30pm 27.10 and 8.45am 28.10.20 at Waterside Café, Normanton Car Par, Rutland Water.  Entry via rear fire door, take till tray. Believed empty.

Morcott – Theft of 2 metal field gates (2×12’), Seaton Road, between 5pm 27.10 and 10am 28.10 (Tues/Wed).

Barrowden – Theft of 2 galvanised steel field gates, unscrewed from hinges in Seaton Road, believed 27/2810.20.  Estimated cost £200.

There have been 6 cases of the theft of farm gates on South (5) and North Beats (1) in 10 days.  There is every reason to think they will continue.

Can you help the Police and farmers by being alert and spreading this message?

Someone must drive past these thefts.  They appear to occur midweek during darkness on small country lanes.  2 men and a lorry or open backed truck will be required.

  • If you see anyone apparently working on farm gates, do not approach but if possible, note the index number of the vehicle and report this to Police on tel 101 for info PC2113 Peter Icke Oakham. If you believe a crime is in progress dial 999.
  • If you know anyone in Rutland with Social Media links (Facebook, Whats App Next Door), please let them know about these thefts and ask them to spread the word to those living and working in Rutland.

Uppingham Beat.

Theft – shoplifting Boots, High Street East, 27.10.20, 2-2.20pm, 2 male and one female enter store, fill large shopping bag with make up etc to value £944, leave without paying in Vauxhall car black part index KM20 T**

Operation to find foreign offenders results in 30 arrests.


Leicestershire Police arrest 30 foreign nationals in operation


Russ Horne.

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