Rutland Local Crime Update for 7 days ending 1.2.20.

NB : Under the Data Protection Act, we are advised we should not usually identify or provide information that can easily identify an individual. In such cases part information will be omitted e.g. an asterisk may be used in place of one letter of a suspect vehicle.

Oakham Beat.

Barleythorpe – Criminal Damage to vehicle parked in Aldi’s Car Park between 3pm-6pm 27.1.20 (Mon).  Passenger door and wing ‘keyed’.

Barleythorpe – Burglary residential, Brocklebank Road, approx. 4am 29.1.20 (Wed), unknown males used screwdriver to break glass in downstairs window, believed to steal car keys.  Disturbed, nothing stolen.

This offence is linked to a further burglary at Tilton on the Hill, 4.57am 29.1.20.  Believed used in both offences was a black Audi A3, partial index number ‘FD’.

NB : Currently expensive car thefts are on the increase, and most are not recovered. Rutland is experiencing a number of burglaries to steal the keys and then the car parked in the drive/street outside.  There are two common methods the first is caught on CCTV:


Dubbed ‘relay method’ aimed at cars that have ‘keyless entry’ i.e. no ordinary key.  It involves two criminals and takes under a minute.  They purchase tools that allow the first to get close to the house to scan it. Once the car fob signal is intercepted from the owner’s key fob, this is relayed to the second suspect standing next to the target car.  Once received, he/she is able to trick the car into unlocking the door and the thieves can drive away without entering the house.

This system can be used in the street on bank cards in your bag or wallet, picking up the Radio Frequency Identification card (the card you are able to swipe at the till) from this they can get all your details.

Crime Prevention.  If you have a keyless entry fob, purchase an item called a Faraday bag (not very expensive).  Search the internet they are not expensive; Amazon and Halfords sell them.  Keep the keys in the bag a little smaller than an A4 envelope and it will block the signal.  (You can buy a small envelope (slightly larger than your cards) for your bank cards; you should keep them in this when you are shopping.)  Don’t keep either near the front door, the thieves could still break in and try and find it if they want your car

2.These offences show thieves will break into houses simply to steal the car key. Many people keep them on a hook in the hall or a similar convenient key cupboard or drawer.  This is the first place the thieves will look.  It takes a little longer to find another place, but it may pay off.

Given enough time a thief can beat most security systems but if you make it difficult, he/she will probably seek an easier target.  Both these methods are improved by adding another layer of security like a steering wheel lock or a pedal lock.  These are independent of the cars digital security system.


Rutland North Beat.

Teigh – Criminal Damage, probably linked to Hare Coursing.  Between 8am 25.1 and 9.30am 26.1.20 (Sun) the padlock of a gate at Manor Farm, Moor Lane was sawn through.  This was probably to enable hare coursing currently a serious problem for farmers.  Groups of men enter land with dogs and chase and kill hares, cutting up the fields and crops with 4-wheel drive vehicles in the process.  If you see anyone behaving suspiciously near fields, at gates, hedges or fences do not approach, note the vehicle numbers and report it to Police on tel 101.

Greetham – Vehicle crime, overnight 29/30.1.20 from HGV parked Woolfox lay by, Great North Road.  Stolen pallets of goods value at £20,000 nature not known due to language problems.

Hambleton – Vehicle crime, 11.45pm 30.1.20 (Thurs) attempted theft from vehicle parked at The Water House, Oakham Road.  Front offside window smashed, offside door tampered with so remote security prevented entry, rear door dented and attempt made to lift tailgate.  Vehicle owner disturbed suspect, no actual entry, nothing stolen.

Rutland South Beat.

South Luffenham – Theft from motor vehicle in Pinfold Lane, between 6pm 24.1 and 12 noon 25.1.20.  Entry forced and a Stihl hedge trimmer value £400, and a number of hand tools stolen.

Ketton – theft from motor vehicle in Sand Furrows, between 4.30pm 24.1 and 7pm 25.1.20.  Stolen a rucksack containing a Lenovo laptop serial number PK277HG and a black holdall containing gymkit.

Glaston – Theft from farm fields, Coppice Farm, Wing Road, between 8am 27.1 and 8am 30.1.20.  Stolen 5 electric fencing units (and 5 batteries), value £1000, and 20 aluminium hurdles, value £1600.


Russ Horne.

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