Rutland Local Crime Update for 7 days ending 4.1.20.

NB : Under the Data Protection Act, we are advised we should not usually identify or provide information that can easily identify an individual. In such cases part information will be omitted e.g. an asterisk may be used in place of one letter of a suspect vehicle.


Burglary non-dwelling at allotments Willow Crescent approx. 8.35pm 30.12.19.  Door smashed, not know if anything stolen.

Burglary non-dwelling between 7.30pm-9.10pm 30.12.19 at outbuilding in Cutts Close Recreation Ground, Burley Road Playground.  4 persons seen at the building, no descriptions, not known if anything stolen.  See below 2.1.20.

Anyone with CCTV in the area please check and give any information to Police at Oakham quoting Crime 19*606772.

Criminal damage to garden fence, Kings Road, between 7.0pm 31;12 and 9am 1.1.20, believed caused when a shoplifter climbed over.  Any information pease pass to Oakham Police quoting 20*003883.

Burglary non-dwelling between 6.20pm-6.35pm 2.1.20 to secure store in Cutts Close Park Recreation Ground, Burley Road Playground.  Six 14-15 year olds, male and female, seen at the door.  One girl wearing a ‘teddy bear’ type coat.  The door was pulled off.  Not know if anything stolen.

See similar type offence (above) 30.12.19.

Rutland North Beat.

Langhamvehicle crime, Rocott Lodge farm Melton Road between 22.11.19 and 31.12.19, attempt made to remove pedal lock and interfere with battery on a Land Rover voluntary ambulance stored in open ended barn.

Langham Criminal Damage, between 1.45pm 1.1 and 1.30pm 2.1.20 to vehicle parked in Lonsborough Gardens.  Car scratched to metal in noughts and crosses style pattern.   This is the second time this has happened.

South Rutland Beat.

Ketton – burglary dwelling, Aldgate, between 1.50pm 21.12 and 1.30pm 28.12.19.  Entry through rear ground floor window.  Safe removed from bedroom, found approx. ½ mile away forced open contents minus cash and jewellery recovered.

Whilst a week is a long time to check CCTV perhaps they could be checked from 21.12 to 22.12.19 when there were a number of similar type burglaries in this area at this time.  Any information to Oakham Police quoting crime ref 19*692854.

Bogus Police.  Attention Requested to large silver BMW index RE08 EJG (cloned plate) heavily tinted windows, containing 2 white males, young, Irish accent, dark hair wearing baseball caps, travelling A47 Uppingham/Leicester Road, Wardley, Wigston, and Glen Parva.  They have blue lights which they put on inside the front windscreen and attempt to stop vehicles.

Three cases to date (last, evening 1.1.20).  In one case vehicle tried to outrun them and was hit from rear; in a second case a door was opened into side of victim’s car, three times.

Their ‘intent’ is not known but it is suggested unless you are 100% sure it is the police you should not stop.  Indicate to them you intend to pull over and drive steadily to a public place where there will be people about, such as a petrol station. If you have a ‘dashcam’ make sure it is on. If not, don’t be obvious, put your smartphone video on.

Keep your car doors locked and you or your passenger should keep your mobile phone in your hand.  Ask to see a ‘police warrant card’ through the closed window.  If the person is in plain clothes you have every right to ask to see identification.  If you are still unsure dial 999 and wait for uniform police to arrive, a genuine officer will be happy to wait.

Only wind down your window or get out of the car when you are sure that it is a genuine police officer.

Please report any sightings of this vehicle to Police HQ by 999 quoting Crime ref 2*002605, and incidents 644 and 659.

Uppingham Beat.

Criminal damage – Brook Close, found 11.38am 28.12.19 garden fence spray painted with graffiti.  No motive known.

Attempted Burglary dwelling – between 12 noon 27.12 and 4.30pm 31.12.19, attempt made to force front door of house being renovated in Stockerston Road.  Nothing stolen.


Russ Horne.

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