purchase Ivermectin The following crime has been reported for the Rutland North Beat for November 2021: –

Kabba Burglary Business                                                             –              Langham, Stretton, Cottesmore
Theft of Motor Vehicle                                                     –              Stretton, Exton
Theft from Motor Vehicle                                                –              Cottesmore, Langham, A1 x 2
Theft                                                                                    –              Ryhall x 3, Stretton, Greetham x 2, Whitwell
Criminal Damage                                                              –              Ryhall, Stretton x 3, Market Overton x 2, Exton, Barnsdale
Assault                                                                                –              Langham x 2, Great Casterton x 2, Cottesmore x 2
Public Order                                                                       –              Ashwell x 2, Great Casterton, Stretton.

buy stromectol online We are working hard to keep crime low in Rutland and continue to work closely with our partner agencies.  We continue to encourage local residents to have their say through Neighbourhood Link surveys and keep all residents that have signed up to this aware of issues happening in Rutland.  If you would be interested in signing up please email me your name, house number/name, postcode and include any issues you would like the police to tackle within your communities.

As the nights draw in I would remind you to make sure that your sheds and outbuildings are locked and secure and if you would like any advice around Crime Prevention please email me and I will endeavour to pop around to discuss.

On behalf of the Rutland North Team I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you over the festive period.

PC 1742 Appleton

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