This month with the bad weather we had 4 reports of youths throwing ice off WATER LANE bridge onto vehicles on the A1 and 4 reports of damage to the vehicles. The potential impact this could have caused could have been far worse and with the snow forecast this week will be looking at this further. If anyone has any information about this please contact me.

We have continued to look at speeding vehicles on the beat and are using Twitter and Facebook to update what we are doing and where we have been. If you would like to follow us please look for Rutland Police. We are also trying to sign up as many local residents onto Neighbourhood Link which is an email alert system from the police about any issues in your area. If you would like to sign up please check it out or send me the following details and I will happily sign you up: –

Full Name

House number or



Email address If you would like to contact me please email me

many thanks

Laurie PC 1742 Appleton

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